“Lebanese Presidential Elections: Analysis and Updates on the Latest Political Developments”

2023-04-20 01:59:47

Some of what was mentioned in the headline of Nidaa Al-Watan:

It was not too late for the reason for the state of joy of the head of the “Marada Movement” Suleiman Franjieh to appear when he spoke from the platform of Bkerke the day before yesterday about the developments in the region, in which he saw “signs” in the interest of his arrival at Baabda Palace, and a warning to most Christians in Lebanon if they do not read well these developments.

“The whole story,” according to the information, is that Patrick Dorrell, the advisor to the French president for Middle East affairs, who met with Franjieh in Paris, obtained from him “signed written guarantees” regarding Franjieh’s positions on a number of internal and Arab issues.

The French official transferred it to Riyadh, so the answer Dorrell heard from the advisor at the royal court, Nizar Al-Aloula, in the presence of the Saudi ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Al-Bukhari, was: “He left it (the guarantees) for us to study.”

Saudi Arabia did not say that Franjieh’s guarantees were sufficient to go to adopt the presidential defiance option. However, it seems that the French interpretation of what they heard understood from the leader of the “Marada” that his presidential dreams had come to fruition, and it was the state of satisfaction and self-confidence that prompted him to explain the program of his promises after meeting the Patriarch.

On the other hand, the words of Patriarch Al-Rahi to his visitor sounded like an alarm bell that suddenly rang when the master of the edifice told his visitor that Ambassador Al-Bukhari had repeated Riyadh’s position on a candidate adopted by “Hezbollah.” his nomination. This is the first time that someone in Lebanon and abroad has said that there are “two opinions” in the Kingdom regarding the opposition presidential candidate in Lebanon.

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