“Lebanese Presidential Elections: Updates, News, and Analysis”

2023-05-29 17:12:31

The Lebanese are preoccupied these days with following up on the news of presidential nominations, in light of the data circulating about great progress in negotiations between the opposition parties on the one hand, and the Free Patriotic Movement on the other, and talking about expected decisive positions in the coming hours in this direction, in conjunction with his visit to the Vatican. And in Paris, the Maronite Patriarch, Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi.
However, apart from the details of the positions and candidates, and regardless of the possible political results of the current developments, and the possibility of holding a close session or not, it is clear that the election of the new president is still postponed, pending the following:
First, that President Nabih Berri set a date for a presidential election session.
Secondly, that the various blocs show their willingness to secure a quorum, whether for the first or second session, so that no session is held without the white presidential smoke rising from the chimney of the House of Representatives.
Third, that the regional and international atmosphere be conducive to the accomplishment of the merits, in a manner that puts Lebanon on the path of stability and advancement, and not that it remains on the path of conflicts and crises.
Awaiting negotiations and accusations, dialogues and debates, skirmishes and maneuvers… and other requirements for wasting time waiting for the great solution, which will only be built on the minimum level of understanding.
As for the life files, they are in their state of stagnation, and the emergency among them today is the file of public sector salaries that are threatened in June, while Najib Mikati’s government is busy targeting loyal employees, persevering in slaughtering the charter and violating the constitution, and establishing the principle of impunity by protecting perpetrators who are being prosecuted in more than seven countries in the world. .

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