Lebanon.. Demonstrators try to storm the house of the Minister of Economy in Beirut

Beirut / Naim Berjawi / Anatolia

On Saturday, Lebanese demonstrators tried to storm the home of the caretaker government’s Minister of Economy and Trade, Raoul Nehme, in the capital, Beirut, in protest against the deteriorating economic situation, but the security forces prevented them.

Eyewitnesses told Anatolia that dozens of demonstrators gathered in front of the entrance to the minister’s house in the Ashrafieh area and tried to storm it, but members of the riot police of the Lebanese security forces prevented them from doing so.

Witnesses added that the demonstrators, some of whom raised the Lebanese flags, expressed their discontent over the continued economic collapse in the country, calling for those responsible to be held accountable for the state of affairs in Lebanon.

In a related context, Lebanese protesters stormed the courtyard of the Central Bank of Lebanon headquarters in Sidon (south), and threw stones at the building, but the security forces confronted them, according to eyewitnesses to Anatolia.

Witnesses indicated that the stampede between the two sides resulted in the injury of one of the demonstrators.

These moves come within the framework of the escalation of protests in Lebanon since the beginning of this week, in refusal to deteriorate living conditions as a result of the economic crisis in the country.

And the local currency recorded an additional collapse in the past few days, as the exchange rate of one dollar reached 17,500 pounds in the parallel market, while the official exchange rate to the dollar amounted to 1515 pounds.

Ten months ago, political differences prevented the formation of a new government, succeeding the current government headed by Hassan Diab, who resigned a few days after the catastrophic explosion of the port of Beirut on August 4 last.

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