Lebanon: France is pushing for a new government

She calls on them to “take their responsibilities”. France “regrets” that Lebanese politicians have still not respected their commitment to form a government, the Elysee said on Wednesday.

“It is not yet too late”, judges the Elysée, evoking the need to act “finally in the only interest of Lebanon” by allowing the Prime Minister designate Moustapha Adib “to constitute a government which is at the height of the seriousness of the situation ”.

“We continue to monitor the situation attentively and to continue our contacts with the Lebanese political leaders to renew this message of demand”, she underlines.

“Not at the rendezvous”

Visiting Lebanon on September 1, Emmanuel Macron assured that he had obtained assurances from politicians on the formation of a government within fifteen days, adding that he hoped for a team supported by “all political parties” and capable of launching reforms. .

Since then, negotiations led by Moustapha Adib, a relatively little-known former ambassador, have stalled. “It is clear that they (the officials, Editor’s note) are not at the rendezvous today,” regrets the Elysee.

VIDEO. Lebanon: Prime Minister announces the resignation of the government

The presidency recalls that, on that day, “all Lebanese political leaders” had “made a commitment” that this “mission government” could be “capable of implementing an urgent reform program meeting the needs of the country. Lebanon and the aspirations of the Lebanese ”.

In a multi-faith country where the same parties have dominated the political scene for decades, officials are used to endless haggling to form a government. France, it seems more in a hurry.

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