Lebanon: “The degagism movement has turned into hatred of the political class”

According to researcher Pascal Monin, specialist in Lebanon, the country needs an in-depth transformation, and judges early elections as a “ray of hope” although it will “not be enough”.

Anger roars in the streets of Beirut. After the double explosion in the port of the Lebanese capital on August 4, which left 158 ​​dead and 6,000 injured, the people came down to express their anger in the streets. The demonstrators point to the responsibility of the government for having stored 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate for six years in the port of Beirut “without precautionary measures” by the admission of Prime Minister Hassan Diab.

Saturday night, the capital was set ablaze, several ministries were stormed by protesters pushing Hassan Diab to announce that he would propose early parliamentary elections. New clashes broke out between demonstrators and law enforcement on Sunday evening. Faced with the mobilization, a first member of the government has already resigned.

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