LeBron James (Lakers) suspended after altercation with Isaiah Stewart (Detroit)

The images are impressive and bloody. The face of Isaiah Stewart, the pivot of Detroit, suffered on Sunday on the floor of the Lakers, winners (121-116) of this muscular duel. The inside was hit in the eye by a blow struck by LeBron James during a duel under the basket following a free throw. The Pistons player was sewn up with 8 stitches. The incident resulted in an altercation between the two men, Stewart wanting to do a physical fight with James.

Very angry and bleeding, he was held back by his teammates and stewards. The NBA has decided to crack down and to everyone’s surprise has given two matches of suspension inside Detroit, guilty of having degenerated the meeting, while the Californian star will miss only one meeting of the regular season ( against the New York Knicks Wednesday night). Since the start of his career which began 19 years ago, this is only the second time that James has been sent off.


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