LeBron James unleashes the wrath of a rival with a bloody punch that almost ends in a massive fight in the NBA (VIDEO)


22 nov 2021 15:11 GMT

The Los Angeles Lakers took the victory in their visit to the Detroit Pistons, but the game ended with two expulsions.

In the NBA game between Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers (116 – 121), played last Sunday, there was a tense scene that almost ended in a massive fight after the star of the visiting team, LeBron James, committed a offense against an opposing player.

When the third quarter of the game was played, LeBron e Isaiah Stewart they faced a possible rebound after a free pitch favorable to the Pistons. In that struggle, James struck a powerful blow with his hand in the face of his rival, causing a wound in the eye area.

The NBA star tried to apologize, but Stewart reacted and had to be separated by his teammates and other team members. Isaiah tried break free of those who held him, until he finally left the court.

LeBron James was expelled from the game, the second such penalty in his professional NBA career. Meanwhile, Stewart was also discontinued after the incident.

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