Leclerc, Intermarché: gasoline at cost price this weekend, is it really worth it?

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Leclerc and Intermarché are selling fuel at cost price this Saturday, July 31, on the occasion of the great summer crossover.

This is good news for motorists going on vacation or returning from vacation this Saturday, July 31. Two flagship retailers, Leclerc and Intermarché, sell fuel at cost price.

Leclerc offers these discounts over two days, Friday July 30 and Saturday July 31, in its 713 service stations. For its part, Intermarché is selling gasoline at cost price this Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1. All fuels are affected.

We have all seen it as we refueled over the past few days: fuel prices have gone up. Diesel was sold at € 1.44 per liter on average last week in France, unleaded 95 at € 1.55, according to official government records. In April 2020, diesel was at € 1.22 and unleaded 95 at € 1.27.

A gain of a few cents

On a liter of gasoline sold, the gross product represents 17%, distribution 15% and taxes 67%, indicates the French Union of Petroleum Industries. A distributor who sells fuel at cost is cutting back on the distribution part.

However, do not expect a discount of several tens of cents at the pump. The gain is less than 5 cents per liter, depending on the type of fuel, or € 1 discount on a full 30 liters. “It is not much if you have agreed to make a detour to take advantage of the operation or if you have lined up to wait at the pump,” explained to BFMTV Olivier Dauvers, expert in mass distribution. This operation, it works not in rationality but in terms of emotion “.

A leading product

You have understood it: the mass distribution uses fuel as a lead product. Moreover Michel-Edouard Leclerc assumes it in his tweet: “Yes it is a commercial operation, we assume”. It is good for the image of the sign, which is also a weekend of crossover. If Leclerc or Intermarché cut back on their margin with gasoline at cost price, they know that it will attract more customers. Between four and eight times more than a normal day, according to Olivier Dauvers. We call it the full of customers.

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