Led Lights Case: Prosecutor’s Office investigates Daniel Jadue for corruption

He Public ministry keeps open a criminal investigation for alleged corruption about the mayor of Recoleta and presidential candidate, Daniel Jadue (PC), and his lawyer, Ramon Sepúlveda, in a new edge of the scandal known as “Led luminaires”.

As revealed Third, suspicions against the figure of the opposition best positioned in the polls – today as a charged with the crime of bribery– son Illegal contributions obtained through false fee tickets paid to your legal advisor by Itelecom Holding SPA, a company that is in the focus of inquiries for public lighting tenders in different municipalities.

In June 2018, Itelecom was awarded for 10,259,454,000 pesos, and for a period of 10 years, the “maintenance of the public lighting system and change of existing lights for more energy-efficient LED technology” in the municipality of Recoleta.

The edge of Jadue is investigated by the regional prosecutor of Ñuble, Nayalet Mancilla, the persecutor Paulina Valdebenito and personnel from the PDI’s Anti-Corruption and Money Laundering Brigades, who have been processing the investigation for almost a year, according to the newspaper.

The information gathered in all these months determined on November 9 the formal opening of the investigation on Jadue and his lawyer.

An intercepted wiretap gave rise to the investigation into the PC’s presidential letter. In it, according to Third, Sepúlveda proposed to the general manager of Itelecom, Leon Lefort -today in preventive detention for the Led Luminaries case- a Mechanism of using false ballots to supposedly hide contributions from the company that were going to benefit, according to his words and those of the businessman, Jadue.

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With the documents seized in the raid last Thursday in the Municipality of Recoleta, the prosecutor and her team from Ñuble now seek to lift the banking secrets of the communist mayor.


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