Lee Jae-myung “I will make the world cleaner and brighter”… Wolju Daejongsa Condolences (Comprehensive)

picture explanationGyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung, condolences to Monk Wolju

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Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung, the ruling Democratic Party’s presiding officer, visited the burial place of Daejong Wolju, the former general of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, at Geumsansa Temple in Gimje City, Jeollabuk-do on the 24th.

After entering the mortuary with Kim Yun-deok, Ahn Min-seok, and Kim Nam-guk of the same party, the governor placed a chrysanthemum flower in front of the deceased’s grave, closed his eyes, and joined hands.

Governor Lee wrote in the guestbook before the condolences, ‘I will make the world clean and bright according to the great teachings of Master Taegongdang Wolju.’

After his condolences, he had a private conversation with Wonhaeng, head of the Jogye Order, for about 30 minutes.

He then left Geumsansa by car with the supporters’ greetings and cheers.

The governor said nothing, including political remarks, as if conscious of the pious atmosphere of condolences.

Jae-myung Lee, Governor

picture explanationJae-myung Lee, Governor

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Rep. Park Yong-jin, one of the Democratic presidential nominees, also visited the mortuary at 5 pm to burn wreaths.

Rep. Park wrote in the guestbook, ‘I will follow the teachings of Monk Wol-ju,’ and said, “Monk worked very hard to save sentient beings. I will never forget his will.”

Rep. Park Yong-jin, incense at the funeral of Monk Wolju

picture explanationRep. Park Yong-jin, incense at the funeral of Monk Wolju

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On this day, at the mortuary of Daejongsa Temple in Wolju, key figures and monks from all walks of life including Governor Lee and Assemblyman Park. A procession of condolences followed by Buddhists and the masses of sabu.

From the political circles, Gyeongbuk Provincial Governor Lee Cheol-woo, Democratic Jeonbuk Provincial Party Chairman Kim Seong-joo, and Democratic Party member Ko Min-jung Lim Jong-sung Lee Won-taek Lee Won-taek Han Byung-do and Yoon Jun-byeong gave condolences.

In addition, monks and Buddhists from other temples, as well as general mourners, made incense flowers and prayed for the rebirth of Monk Wolju.

Wolju Daejongsa's funeral condolences

picture explanationWolju Daejongsa’s funeral condolences

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