‘Lee Jae-myung’s Responsibility Theory’ Local Election Defeat Factors “A wounded glory”

The Democratic Party of Korea took responsibility for its disastrous defeat in the local election, and once again even the leadership of the Emergency Response Committee resigned. Responsible for this defeat, at the last meeting of the Emergency Response Committee, Lee Jae-myung, the general election chairman, was mentioned unreasonably.

Theories of responsibility such as “the result of the party dying and only me living” (Park Ji-won, former head of the National Intelligence Service) “made the election more difficult because of the second round of the election” (Park Yong-jin) and “the cause of the defeat” (Cho Eung-cheon), etc. The Democratic Party lost three consecutive major elections following the April 7 re-election last year and the March 9 presidential election. In addition to the resignation of the leadership and the establishment of a non-captain, it was decided this time to include a non-captain of the non-captain.

In the morning of the 2nd, in the meeting room of the party representative in the main building of the National Assembly, Yun Ho-jung, chairman of the joint emergency countermeasures committee of the Democratic Party of Korea, and all members of the non-commissioning committee said, “I have decided to resign with responsibility as a result of this branch election.” I would like to express my gratitude to the people who have raised the bar for greater reform and drastic innovation for the Democratic Party,” he said. “I would also like to apologize to the 2914 candidates who did their best until the very end,” said Vice Chairman Yoon. After saying that, he left.

Both Park Ji-hyeon, co-chairman of the syndrome, and Yoon, the chairman of the syndrome, got into the car without answering questions from reporters.

At a back briefing with reporters, Koh Yong-jin, the chief spokesperson for the non-commissioned committee, was asked, ‘Do you think the candidacy of Chairman Lee Jae-myung, who ran for Incheon Gyeyang-eul, which he has no ties to within the party, is one of the reasons for his defeat in the local election?’ Although the criticisms and several raised stories are not new, did not all of those factors combine to cause the presidential (and local elections) defeat? There was talk about it, but there was no lengthy talk about it at all.”

▲In addition, members of the Emergency Response Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea bow their heads after announcing that they would all resign after taking responsibility for the devastating defeat in the local election on the morning of the 2nd. Photo = Reporter Jo Hyun-ho

When asked if there was any mention of the formation of the innovation committee according to the 5 major reform theories of the Joint Emergency Response Committee Chairman Park Ji-hyun, senior spokesman Koh said, “No. It will be refined as we discuss it.”

Chief Spokesperson Koh, when asked by a reporter from the media today, was asked whether the fact that Chairman Park’s request for renewal, 586 resignation, and Choi Kang-wook’s disciplinary treatment process, which was raised at the end of the election, was not a factor in defeat, causing a feeling of antipathy as a ‘party that the Democratic Party does not properly reflect on’ Eun said, “I didn’t say that.” “I’ll give my personal opinion later if I have a conversation with reporters. The discussion was focused on how to resign and disband the non-commissioned members in the future.”

The theory of responsibility that Candidate Jae-myung Lee’s appearance was a loss was raised from the night before until the morning of this day. On the morning of the same day, Cho Eung-cheon, an emergency committee member, appeared on MBC radio’s ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Focus’ and said, “I thought this would be the result, and I was in a position to say, “Don’t do it.” When I went out (Gyeyang-eul had a close battle), I got caught, and instead, all the members of the non-commissioned committee were campaigning for support there,” he pointed out. “It is an honor with only a scar, and I have suffered a great internal injury,” said Vice-Chairman Cho. It will not be easy to run for the national convention cleanly.”

Democratic Party lawmaker Park Yong-jin also said in a telephone connection with CBS radio’s ‘Kim Hyun-jung’s News Show’ this morning, “In the public opinion, ‘Aren’t those responsible for defeating the election again standing at the forefront of the local elections and leading the election, leading the election into overtime?’ In such a state, the ‘local worker theory’ did not work, so a strict evaluation had to be made,” he pointed out. Rep. Park pointed out that “the effect of Lee Jae-myung did not achieve what I expected,” and pointed out that while the mayors of Seoul (eight) won, Candidate Yeong-gil Song lost to Mayor Oh Se-hoon in all districts, resulting in separation of votes. Rep. Park also warned that Chairman Lee Jae-myung’s challenge to the party would require a sober judgment on whether he was the subject of innovation or the subject of renewal.

▲ Go Yong-jin, senior spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Korea, meets with reporters and answers questions after the announcement of the general resignation of the non-captainer on the 2nd.  Photo = Reporter Jo Hyun-ho
▲ Go Yong-jin, senior spokeswoman for the Democratic Party of Korea, meets with reporters and answers questions after the announcement of the general resignation of the non-captainer on the 2nd. Photo = Reporter Jo Hyun-ho

Park Ji-won, former head of the National Intelligence Service, also satirized Chairman Lee Jae-myung in a post on his Facebook page at around 10:00 pm on the 1st, saying, “They say that the saying that one lives and the party dies is popular in the party, but the people’s judgment is always accurate.”

Assemblyman Lee Won-wook also said, “Lee Jae-myung’s friend. Glory that only hurts! Congratulations,” he said. In particular, lawmaker Lee said, “Candidate Jae-myung Lee considered his election as the best value and ‘run away’ to Gyeyang. . Even though there was a candidate preparing for Gyeyang-eul, why was candidate Lee Jae-myung a singular strategic nomination without primary election? There was no explanation.”

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