‘Lee Jun-seok Ethics Committee’ D-3… ‘Tactile’ to the results of the deliberation

The second disciplinary deliberation by the Party Central Ethics Committee in relation to the alleged destruction of evidence of sexual harassment by President Lee Jun-seok of the People’s Power is approaching three days away.

As the decision of whether or not to take disciplinary action on this day determines the fate of the party as well as the political life of President Lee, the passport is paying close attention to the outcome of the deliberation.

According to the political circles on the 3rd, the ethics committee will call on CEO Lee on the 7th to hear his vocation and deliberate on whether to take disciplinary action. The Ethics Committee previously considered disciplinary action against CEO Lee on the 22nd of last month, but postponed the conclusion at the time saying that an explanation procedure for Lee himself was necessary.

In the political circles, there are many views that a struggle for power between Chairman Lee and Chin Yun (Chin Yun Seok-yeol) lies in the background of the Ethics Committee’s disciplinary proceedings against Chairman Lee. There is an interpretation that the conflict between CEO Lee and the pro-Yun-gye will affect the level of disciplinary action against CEO Lee.

Considering the current situation in which the “isolation of Lee Jun-seok” within the party has reached its peak, there is a high possibility that the ethics committee will make a disciplinary decision on that day.

Representative Lee, who repeatedly fought with pro-Yun forces since the presidential election process in the party, recently had a crush on the pro-Yun family members, Rep. Jeong Jin-seok and Supreme Councilor Bae Hyeon-jin. In the process, Rep. Park Seong-min, who served as a ‘bridge’ between Chin Yun-gye and Lee, as the party’s chief of staff, resigned from his post.

If CEO Lee receives disciplinary action from the Ethics Committee on the 7th for any of the following:

If you receive a disciplinary action greater than or equal to the suspension of your party membership, you may lose your position as party representative.

However, if the disciplinary action against Lee becomes a reality, it seems that the passport will not be free from the criticism of ‘tosagupin’.

In particular, it is predicted that the main support group, male supporters in their 20s and 30s, will leave, and the party may fall into crisis.

There is also criticism that it is inappropriate for the Ethics Committee, which does not have an investigative function, to determine whether or not to destroy evidence of sexual harassment in a situation where the police investigation has not been completed.

Therefore, it seems highly likely that the ethics committee will choose a ‘compromise’ on the 7th in that the immediate disciplinary action against CEO Lee will place a significant burden on the passport.

Reporter Ryu Gil-ho [email protected]

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