Lee Se-young “I’m getting married next year with a Japanese boyfriend… My heart flutters when I’m half-talking”

Comedian Lee Se-young revealed her plans to marry her younger Japanese boyfriend next year.

Lee Se-young, who appears on MBC Every1’s ‘Korean Foreigner’, which will be aired on the 30th, tells her plan to marry her boyfriend.

Lee Se-young, who made her debut as a comedian in 2011, drew attention by revealing her relationship with a Japanese boyfriend who is younger than her in 2019. On her YouTube channel ‘Youngpyeong TV YPTV’, Lee Se-young is showing various contents such as daily life with her boyfriend, disclosure of the entire process of double eyelid surgery, and the first fitness competition in life.

In the recent recording of ‘Foreigner in Korea’, MC Yong-man Kim asked Lee Se-young, who was in a public relationship, straight-forward, saying, “I heard about marriage with a Japanese boyfriend, when are you planning to do it?” In response, Se-young Lee shyly confessed, “Actually, the talk of marriage has been around since last year. It has been delayed due to Corona 19, but only close acquaintances will gather and have a small ceremony next year.”

When MC Yong-man Kim asked, “What is the good thing about a younger boyfriend?”, without hesitation for a second, Lee Se-young answered, “When talking nonsense”, causing curiosity. Next, Lee Se-young said, “(Younger boyfriend) calls ‘sister’ or ‘baby’, and when I say ‘Lee Se-young’, my heart thumps.

[사진제공 = MBC에브리원 ‘대한외국인’]

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)


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