“Lefevere wants Groenewegen to kill himself?”, A former pro protests against the words of the boss of the Deceuninck-Quick Step

Two days after the terrible fall that occurred during the sprint of the first stage of the Tour of Poland, the doctors at the Katowice hospital should try to get Fabio Jakobsen out of the pharmacological coma in which they had plunged him. But, in the meantime, the debate still reigns over the sanction to be imposed on Dylan Groenewegen, the Dutch sprinter who caused the crash.

Prison sentence”, “suspension for life”, “disqualification”, these last two days, we heard everything in the peloton. Among the reactions, that of Patrick Lefevere who had reacted virulently on Twitter just minutes after the fall: “Put this Jumbo-Visma guy in jail” and “It is a criminal act, Mr. Dylan Groenewegen.”

Hot and emotional reactions of the moment but that the boss of the Deceuninck-Quick Step confirmed a few hours later: “I don’t understand Groenewegen’s action at all. There is no understanding for that, it’s an assault. He really pushes Fabio into the Nadar. This action is not possible. Fabio was waiting for the 50 last meters, without this action from Groenewegen, he was overtaking him. So no, I will not go back to what I said last night. A complaint has already been lodged with the UCI and the team will do the same in Poland to the police. I think I must file a complaint here, you cannot let this go and you must do it on the spot, where the accident happened “, he had explained.

Very harsh words towards Dylan Groenewegen but which are not shared by everyone.

Asked by the site Cyclism’actu, the former French sprinter Romain Feillu returned to this fall and believes that Patrick Lefevere is going too far: “The prison is a very serious thing! It is not a thoughtful gesture that Groenewegen makes, it is on the moment. There is no intention of harming, other than depriving someone. ‘one of a victory. There is no malicious intent on Groenewegen’s part. So prison is still serious … But in fact, Dylan Groenewegen is being judged much more for the consequences of his gesture than for his gesture in itself “, confides the Frenchman who thinks that the organizers are just as responsible as the Dutchman after having proposed such an arrival,” It is not the only culprit, there are others things to emphasize. I wonder how the barriers could come off like that, but they should not be attached to each other. There are many other questions to ask rather than sanctioning the runner and say he’s the one responsible. “

For the former rider, among others, of Vacansoleil and Agritubel, we must not lynch the Dutch rider in the public square: “what Groenewegen has to go through since the accident is the worst punishment. He would give up his career. whole thing to save Fabio Jakobsen’s life, that’s for sure. In any case, his life is ruined by guilt. He can only feel guilty, he doesn’t need to be shoved in, “says he before concluding, “When I see Patrick Lefevere’s words, I wonder what he wants … There is already Jakobsen who is between life and death and he wants the other to kill himself for guilt? was not a thoughtful act on Groenewegen’s part. “

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