Legacy of Joan Sebastian: Distribution is finally defined

5 years after the departure of Joan Sebastian, his testamentary, Cipriano Sotelo revealed that next year it would be possible that the distribution of the assets that the “King of Jaripeo” left behind, the fruit of his nearly 50-year musical career.

It seems that the legal situation around the distribution of the inheritance of Joan Sebastian He has already reached a resolution, because according to his lawyer for the testamentary succession, it will be at the beginning of next year when the 51 real estate properties that he left are finally distributed Joan Sebastian to his nine heirs.

The lawyer even revealed some possible scenarios that could help the equitable distribution of the singer’s real estate, which, for the most part, is located in the state of Guerrero, Morelos and even in Veracruz.

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“All the joint heirs will be called to tell them what the properties are, find out what their value is and, if anyone is interested, so that others can obtain a property with the same value, and if it is less, give them the difference with other properties. If none of them wants them, they are put up for sale and the money is distributed. The distribution will have to be exactly identical ”, the lawyer firmly commented.

And they are the children of the “Poet of the people”: José Manuel Figueroa, Zarelea Figueroa, Julián Figueroa, Joana Marcelia Figueroa and two more minors; the descendants of his deceased children Juan Sebastián and Trigo Figueroa, as well as Claudia Alina Espín, his last partner, who appear on the list of the heirs of the artist.

Likewise, about the properties, Sotelo announced that some are in the process of remodeling, because they have not had the same care as when the singer lived; “An important effort has been made to keep them in optimal condition,” added the executor.

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In the same way, Mr. Sotelo added: “I believe that the most difficult property and that we could find it with some demerits is the ranch of Teacalco, Guerrero. Joan had up to 400 workers there when she lived. We have only 20 workers, the properties are not in optimal condition, but I do believe that they are acceptable. “

The lawyer for the testamentary succession also confirmed that the family of the deceased artist plans to open a museum in his hometown, Juliantla, Guerrero, a town where he is well loved and people keep fond memories of him.

However, the aforementioned museum is not the only project with which the so-called “King of Jaripeo” will be remembered by his family, since the reissue of a book, the launch of a brand of tequila and some discs of duets are also being sought. keep your legacy alive.

“There has already been a significant advance in relation to the book published by the Secretary of Culture of the Government of the state of Guerrero so that they give us the rights and we can replicate that work that talks about the life of Joan Sebastian, from when he was born until he lost. life, “said the executor.

Although, finally, Sotelo added really important information about the museum’s case, commenting that the entity’s own authorities have opened the door for them to build a museum in Juliantla, Joan Sebastian’s homeland, and that it will be enriched chronologically .

He added that some businessmen have approached and proposed to collaborate in a tequila that bears the name of the late interpreter, “But we did not venture or accept a proposal just for the sake of it; We need to see the quality of the liquid to enter into a contract with them and that it is of the quality that Joan had as an artist. The models are being designed, and in due course we are going to qualify them and, where appropriate, to approve them ”, the lawyer revealed to the publication.


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