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The 15-year-old “Little Princess” Yao Zhuofei (Chantel) of “Legend of Sound Dreams”, together with Wei La’s artist Ma Liuken (Roberto), sister partners Ye Peinan and Ye Sinan, sang and danced together for the bank’s New Year short film.

The image of Chantel, who has always been a good girl, shows people in different styles in this New Year’s short film, from the good girl next door to the beautiful Hip Hop girl, showing her unique temperament.

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Chantel sings and dances

In the Chinese New Year promotional video, Chantel not only saw her idols Roberto, Pei Nan and Si Nan sing and dance on the Internet, but also imitated the three people’s New Year’s greetings and practiced at home all the time.

As soon as the camera turned back to Pei Nan and Si Nan using mobile phones to distribute electronic profits, after disassembling, they could use their own profits and money in mobile banking, which made Chantel very envious.

On the first day of the Chinese New Year, Chantel greeted relatives and friends for the New Year, and all the elders used mobile banking to send e-payments. Fortunately, Chantel’s mother had equipped her mobile phone and taught her to register FPS with mobile banking to bind her bank account. 𢭃 Profit is the successful achievement of the goal.

Finally, Chantel entered the world of 3 slightly spicy artists and sang and danced with them.

Chantel does not splurge

Chantel went from beginning to end in the Chinese New Year video, and she also expressed her excitement about this work: “I tried a lot of looks during the filming, among which I liked the popular hip hop look the most. I had the opportunity to rap and dance. It’s a breakthrough because most fans see the quiet side.”

Referring to the New Year’s New Year’s custom, she said with a smile: “What I like most is that the ‘first pot of gold’ in life is the result of saving over the years.”

Chantel pointed out that her family had saved money for her since she was a child, and later opened a personal account for her to let Chantel learn to manage her own money: “My parents are both accountants, from small to large, they have gradually instilled the idea of ​​saving money and financial management. concept.” She said that she plans to use the money for further dance and acting courses in the future.

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