Lego offers children a secure app for creating music videos in augmented reality

At a time of the success of the Tiktok mobile application among adolescents for the creation of musical video content, Lego reacted by partnering with Universal Music to launch a mobile application called Vidiyo. Vidiyo targets 7 to 10 year olds. It is both a game and a tool for creating music videos in augmented reality.

A new creative space for children

« We provide a new space for children to express themselves creatively »Presents Julia Goldin, Marketing Director of Lego. ” Studies show that more than three quarters of parents worldwide want their children to be more confident in their creativity. It is in this dynamic that we are launching the Vidiyo range »She adds. “ Children are always looking for new creative experiences. Vidiyo is here to help all music-loving kids unleash their creativity through Lego building and music video production video, ”she said.

Children will stage and share their music videos

« Children around the world will be able to express themselves by directing, directing, performing and sharing their music videos Continues Olivier Robert-Murphy, executive vice-president of Universal Music Group and Brands. ” The Lego Vidiyo line is a great way for millions of kids to discover new music, and connect with their favorite artists while learning and connecting through play He describes.

The Vidiyo mobile application offers children the opportunity to travel in the worlds of physical and digital play. Lego emphasizes that this mobile application is secure because it is aimed at children. The app requires verified parental permission. It guarantees anonymity, and ensures external moderation of all content uploaded to the application stream. Children can direct, produce, perform and share their clips using music, including hits from Universal Music artists. Children experience play and music while connecting with others. Music, challenges and content will be regularly added to the application.

“Beatbits” elements to create special effects

The experience requires the Vidiyo mobile application, mini Lego figures, music, augmented reality and new elements called “Beatbits” offered by Lego and which are used to generate special effects. We choose one of the songs offered in the Vidiyo application. These are famous artists. We create a group, from new mini physical Lego figures. The app lets kids choose group names, style each of its members, and design album art.

The special effects generators, the “BeatBits”, are square Lego elements of 2 by 2 cm

These mini figures can be personalized and animated at different scales with augmented reality provided in the Vidiyo app. We then select special effects generators, the “BeatBits”. These are square Lego elements of 2 by 2 cm. They are placed on the stage to be scanned. Once scanned, they unlock digital effects that let you control everything from the style of video and music to stage effects.

The child can choose visual effects, such as confetti showers or X-rays. He can add audio effects, such as the DJ’s scratch, mouse voice or saxophone solo, as well as movements or small effects. fun to their characters, like doing break dancing while riding the back of a shark. The child can compose his scene by choosing his decor, park, room or garden. The filming location is scanned in 3 seconds. By tapping on the “BeatBits” selected in the app, the child controls his music clip production, triggering dance movements and audio or video effects during a 60-second performance.

Reducing the duration of a clip to broadcast it

This clip can then be reduced to 5, 10, 15, or 20 seconds to create clips for sharing. These clips can then be uploaded to the app’s feed, but only after their content has been verified by a moderator. No content with personally identifiable information, such as children playing in the video, will be allowed on the app feed, but such content may be stored locally in the app, for the child to enjoy personally with friends or family members.

The Lego Vidiyo range is the first collaboration between the Lego group and Universal Music Group, after the announcement of their partnership in April 2020. The first Vidiyo products are available from 1is March in most countries. The Lego Vidiyo universe introduces a new visual identity that sets it apart from other Lego franchises. This colorful “lifestyle” brand offers an app experience, Lego sets and “lifestyle” products, created in partnership with Bravado, Universal Music’s brand management and merchandising company.

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