LEGO Super Mario announces new sets and characters for 2021

One of the most impressive combinations we saw recently was the union between LEGO and Super Mario Bros. That is why the toy company wants to continue giving life to this announced collaboration new sets along with many new creation tools that will be available in 2021.

Through the official LEGO channel on YouTube, a little of the new sets that will arrive in stores around the world was shown this January 1, 2021. On this occasion, all interested parties can choose between the three new expansion sets, two new Power-up packs and 10 new collectible characters.

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First of all we have the Master Your Adventure Maker Set which has a cost of $ 60 dollars ($ 1,219 Mexican pesos). It features 366 pieces, including a new starter tube that challenges players to clear levels in less time for higher coin rewards. It also contains Iggy Koopa.

lego super mario

Photo: LEGO

Three new expansion sets also join this entire collection in January. There is the set of Wiggle’s Poison Swamp of $ 40 dollars, Puzzling Challenge de Piranha Plant for $ 30 dollars and Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter with a cost of $ 20 dollars.

Sets de MarioPhoto: LEGOLEGO Piranha PlantPhoto: LEGOLEGO super MarioPhoto: LEGO

Two new outfits were revealed from power-ups and they are about Mario in his forms Penguin y Tanuki. Finally, mystery bags will also go on sale in which you can get new characters. Both the power-ups as the bags have a cost of $ 10 dollars.

lego super marioPhoto: LEGOlego super marioPhoto: LEGO

What do you think of these new LEGO Super Mario Bros setes? What is your favorite?

With information from LEGO and Kotaku.


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