Lenovo Announces New 12th Gen Intel Processor Legion Series Gaming Laptops

Lenovo announced today (1) that the latest Legion series of gaming laptops will be available in Taiwan from now on, including the WQHD+ 16-inch Legion 5i Pro, WQHD’s Legion 5i, and the high-end gaming models just released globally in early May. Legion 7i, Legion Slim 7i, etc., all series are equipped with 12th generation Intel Core processors. Both products and outer packaging are made of recycled materials, accelerating the realization of Lenovo’s ESG sustainable development goals.

  • Lenovo today (1) announced the launch of the latest generation of gaming laptops, the Legion, IdeaPad Gaming series and the affordable luxury Yoga series

Changes in work mode drive up market demand for gaming and high-end laptops

According to the analysis of Canalys, a research unit, with the rise of the new work model of WFA working everywhere, e-sports and high-end models have become new choices for consumers in addition to business laptops. Therefore, high-performance gaming laptops, as well as thin and portable high-end models have become consumers’ choice. Mainstream. Seeing this trend, we look forward to the newly launched Legion, IdeaPad Gaming and Yoga to meet the various needs of consumers whether it is entertainment, work or daily life.”

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    Lenovo’s new Legion, IdeaPad Gaming, and Yoga series of laptops will be available in Taiwan from now on, and all series are equipped with 12th-generation Intel Core processors

Gaming laptops launch a number of specifications, hoping to satisfy the desire of heavy gamers

Lenovo said that its Legion 7i, Legion Slim 7i, Legion 5i Pro and Legion 5i gaming laptops have the following features. Lenovo’s new Legion series are equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core H flagship processor, and the 14-core hybrid architecture supports cumbersome multitasking Computing is the performance center of the Legion gaming series. It can be equipped with up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti graphics card, which provides high graphics card power consumption (Total Graphic Power, TGP). The performance loss problem greatly improves the comfort of FPS games.

Officially, except for the thin and light Legion Slim 7i, all other models support the full-blooded version of the graphics card to ensure high-specification and high-wattage output. Since the heat of the processor will affect the performance during operation, the Legion series exclusively developed the Coldfront 4.0 multi-layer cooling mechanism, adding copper blocks to enhance heat dissipation and improve the thermal conductivity. The cooling air outlet allows the notebook to continue to operate at high efficiency. In addition, the Legion 7 series is also equipped with a smart air intake system and a vapor chamber, allowing the power of the pen to operate efficiently to keep the body temperature from overheating.

Officials point out that Legion 7i, Legion Slim 7i, and Legion 5i Pro are all equipped with 16-inch WQHD+ high-resolution screens, and the 90% screen-to-body ratio increases the viewing range by 18%; the other supports 165Hz to 240Hz dynamic refresh rate. You can switch between web browsing and gaming with the key to optimal screen refresh rate for longer battery life. Nahimic sound technology adds easy surround capabilities and tracking benefits, and can be paired with Bluetooth speakers to create a true surround sound space.

In terms of batteries, the official emphasized that Lenovo’s new Legion 5 series laptops have a battery capacity of 80Wh, and the highest-end 7 series has a legal maximum battery capacity of 99.99Wh. In addition, in terms of charging speed, players can reach 80% of the power in 30 minutes with the included ultra-thin charger. In addition, it supports Type-C fast charging up to 135W, and it can also be fully charged with the Type-C charging cable at hand. The unique smart power management V5.0 extends battery life by 30%.

The official said that the laptop will satisfy professional players through the combination of software and hardware. For example, the Legion Ai engine 2.0 will automatically recognize the game, achieve the effect of optimizing system performance, and increase the FPS by 20% to enjoy the best gaming experience; professional players can also enjoy the best gaming experience through FN + Q key to switch laptop performance, select the ultimate performance according to different usage modes, and maintain a balance between gaming and energy saving needs.

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    Legion’s highest-end 7 series has a legal maximum battery capacity of 99.99Wh and can reach 80% charge in 30 minutes with the included slim charger

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    Legion 5i Pro and IdeaPad Gaming 3i models in new Glacier White color option

Use smart technology to create a better sustainable future and contribute to the conservation of the earth

Last year, Lenovo released an ESG sustainability report, announcing that by the 2025/26 fiscal year, all personal computer products will contain recycled materials, and 90% of the plastic packaging used will come from recycled materials. Lenovo says the new 7th-generation laptops introduce more recycled materials, including recycled metals, plastics and fabrics, and the Yoga Slim 9i models are made from recycled aluminum. In the future, we plan to introduce OBP (Ocean Plastic) and CL PCR as notebook materials. The packaging materials are also recycled materials. 90% of the Yoga and Legion series of crash-resistant packaging materials use recycled plastics, reduce single-use plastics, and use Forest Verified (FSC) paper packaging materials that are subject to production and sales supervision, which can protect 10,000 trees per year.

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    Made from recycled aluminum, the Yoga Slim 9i is Lenovo’s first carbon-neutral certified laptop

Product SpecificationsPricing and Listing InformationProfessional After-sales ServicePut yourself in the consumer’s shoes

Lenovo announced today that the after-sales service will be upgraded from now on, and the purchase of any seventh-generation home laptop can be upgraded to enjoy a full warranty service of up to 3 years. For Yoga and IdeaPad series laptops, Lenovo has launched Premium Care. In addition to the original standard warranty service, you can also enjoy on-site repairs, free express delivery and repair services, and 24/7 telephone technical support. And a free PC health check every year during the warranty period. For e-sports players who purchase the Legion series, Lenovo further provides Legion Ultimate Support. In addition to the three major advantages provided by the Honor Home Service, Lenovo also enjoys professional e-sports consulting services on how to upgrade hardware to play games.

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    From now on, you can upgrade to a full warranty of up to 3 years with the purchase of any seventh-generation home laptop. Lenovo Launches Premium Care for Yoga and IdeaPad Series Laptops

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    Gaming players who purchase the Legion series can enjoy Legion Ultimate Support to optimize shopping and user experience

The official said that the 7th-generation Lenovo laptops equipped with the latest 12th-generation Intel Core processors are officially on sale. The recommended price of the flagship Legion 7i starts from NT109,990 yuan, and the recommended price of the thin and light Legion Slim 7i starts from NT74,990 yuan. The suggested price of the powerful Legion 5i Pro starts at NT59,990, the suggested price for the Legion 5i starts at NT42,990, and the suggested price for the IdeaPad Gaming 3i, which supports fighting anywhere, starts at NT30,990.

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