Leo Borg hopes to see Paris again, who hopes to see Borg again

“Borg is leading three games to one.” Did I hear correctly? Did you read that correctly? Yes. Borg. At Roland-Garros. Forty years after the last appearance of the myth, in 1981. That year, the poster of the tournament, prophetic, represented a player from behind, a long blond hair encircled in a tricolor headband. This sweating Borg on short number 7 is blond, but his long hair is held in place by a cap. He is the son of the myth.

Leo Borg has a thin face, Fila outfit, a two-handed cuff, a wry little smirk, and shoulders that are both stiff and a little hunched over reminiscent of his father. He was born on May 15, 2003 from the love affairs of his father, Björn Borg, with his third wife, Patricia Östfeldt. The mother is there, discreet, typing on her smartphone, probably the score, probably to Björn. The day before, during his victory in the second round over the German Max Hans Rehberg, it was the former player Mansour Bahrami, a friend of the family, who played the special envoy. “Björn was happy. He’s not a crazy daddy like some I can see with their kids. He follows his son from afar, he supports him fully and he does not want him to have any regrets, ”the former Franco-Iranian player explained to RMC.

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