“Leo is not guided by money, he wants to win Champions again”


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Joan Laporta has gone through the microphones of “El Larguero” from Cadena SER after obtaining the necessary signatures to be a candidate for the Barça presidency.

Win elections. “Now the second part of this game begins. Atleti is strong, solid and well.”

THE VAR is from Madrid: “In a lack of refinement. I saw him as very partisan. Whenever there was a play, he fell on the Madrid side.”

Maintain election date: “I have requested a meeting to hold a meeting on this matter. Barça cannot continue with this leadership. There have been measures taken, the covid measures do not make sense.”

Postpone elections: “All the averages have been recorded. This means that they are required for this magnitude. We are going to vote 45,000 people. Barça is a private entity. The entity cannot be there.”

Misrule: “Barça cannot afford it. There is a crash plan to restore happiness to Barcelona. On the 24th it would seem good to vote in several days as long as it does not contest, I have spoken with several authorities and that would cause exceptions to the modality. I could go with the Barça card to vote “.

Canvas: “Elections are won by credibility and experience. We spoil the profile of the candidacy. It has been respect and sympathy. The campaign director came up with it. In the phrase they proposed to me,” A great team deserves a great rival.

Florentine: “I miss football and what I want to do.”

Second canvas: “It is not planned. In the meetings they talked about this issue, The second would not be in Madrid, it would be in Paris (laughs) here we are rivals. They will not put it.”

Players congratulation: “A lot of marketing people. It has been a success. I keep in touch with them. There has been a joking message. I keep in touch with Messi. I am not going to reveal the contact I have with Leo.”

Convincing Messi: “I am lucky to meet him, of mutual appreciation and he has always told me that everything I have said has been fulfilled. Make a competitive offer. Leo wants to win again.”

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Proposal that I can fulfill: “With all of them what cannot be done is that he has been deceived in recent seasons. There are satisfactory formulas for both parties. Let this love story continue”

Life; “It is not something that seduces me very much. Messi says no: I know that he is comfortable and wants to continue.”

Money to sign; “As a result of the audit, we will be able to report the shock plan that we have prepared. Barça has not approved the accounts for this season and there we know the structure. Barça is in losses. It has not been audited. The situation is respectful as in 2003. Multiplied by 17 years we are in that situation. Generate new income and new sources, restructure spending and new sources “

Xavi: “We have our sports project. They do not go with me. Mine is to motivate the first team of futsal, basketball and women to the maximum. I am in the transition season. Xavi lives for football and some faith will be coach of the Barça will succeed, in my project I have not mentioned names because the elections are held in the middle of the term.

Xavi stranded: I will not use names to give credibility to my project, IF there is a reference

Neymar: “I’m not going to talk about names. I know how this is going and I’m devaluing the player”

Haaland: “I’m not going to talk about name.”

President of Madrid and revoke Ramos: “I’m not in that position. The best reinforcement is Piqué when he recovers”

Pique: “We would go together at the polls. At the moment he is a Barça player. He has years to make us enjoy ourselves.”

Soft political club positioning: “The important thing that we propose is that we all fit. I am not going to change my way of thinking and feeling. Now what worries me is winning the elections to relive some of the glorious times I had”:

Guardiola; “Pep is a friend and he wants the best for him. Money cannot do everything and is not a guarantee of anything, he will like the project, smile again”:

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Pedri: “First Barça and then Selection”

Transfers: “It would be an excess of the manager. We do not have the powers to make these limitations. It is a fact of limitations that they have to do”

January 25: “I am not going to enter having the team competing winning everything. These operations are more typical of the end of the season”

Reflect on your mandate: “There were many mistakes and we had to celebrate many titles. To have retained Messi despite the titles we had. It was a sports club. UNICEF was a brave decision. It meant winning LaLga and Champions in our mandate. We did not give a single one point on these offers. “

Mistakes: “They helped me to correct them and look forward. The experience that I have to commit.”

Style: “I am concerned because all football has to be that Barça players can play everything in the first team, give a show. We prefer to win 6-5 to 1-0. I am passionate about football and you think they know someone else’s football way. Frank improved the Riijarkd system. It’s what he’s given us. “

Madrid offer: I had no knowledge. Of the Inter yes, for if I had been they saw me firm to sting me and that I would have said yes “.

Guardiola: “I do not enter in hypothesis but to return the joy to the barcelonismo, It is a question for Pep”.

Ansu Fati is non-negotiable; “He is a marvel of a player, that he returns with strength and be a regular. Ansu’s injury has recovered Dembélé and helps Leo not receive so much pressure”

Griezmann signing: “He’s a great player to make things work for him, we all like him”

Players who come for free; “Even if the contract is ending, the only thing that he can practice is bartering. Motivate those of us who have.” Capello wanted us to sign a star. If he leaves, I will not seek guilty. “

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Worst president: “I do not want to go into these questions. I work to have sporting successes.”

Approach with Laporta: “From the presidency you want to unite all of Barcelona. This comes from a situation when I say that I am going to preside at Barça without resentment or revenge. I know better from my campaign colleagues and here the one who governs from resentment has no problems. My energy is that I win again well. Victimism is something you cannot do. “

Font: “He will be in the best hands that I have. I gain them in experience. The training I have is those of someone who prepares the club. I respect what he says and we have another way of acting and being. He can act without complexes. In my time there was barcelonitis and you win, they took it with flair play “.

If I lose I will continue my life. “I am on the line of winning the elections. I do not lower my guard and I trust myself.”

WHERE: “If we are going to regain the weight it has in football. In my time we made our presence known with the good of football. Having good executives.”

Mateu Alemany; “He is one of the best. I have no commitment to anyone. I want to win the names to thank them for what they have done, motivate the technical team and I am here to help them.”

Superliga: “” It has always been tried and has never come out. The Champions League has always been well organized. I am guided by keeping things in soccer and can take on the signing of soccer. He would always have to have the best football clubs and maintain the elections that must be decided. “

Heurtel: “It is a subject that if I am president it is necessary to value it. The own of the selection are not happy with this subject”.

Ramon Planes: I’ll talk to them the day I’m president “-

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