Leo “The 12 blows of noon” violently attacked, an angry Jean-Luc Reichmann defends his master of noon! Huge rant

Every noon, Jean-Luc Reichmann hosts a game. Alas, his champion Wicked suffered criticism from all sides. Too much is too much!

Jean-Luc Reichmann furious!

An outstanding presenter

Thanks to his presence on television, it seems to us that Jean-Luc Reichmann is part of our family. Indeed, his smile as well as his kindness make him one of the favorite animators of the French. Also, in his game at noon, many candidates follow one another. It must be said that to face the camera and the public, you have to be well hooked to your champion seat. Obviously, we also need solid knowledge in all areas.

In addition, this year, the pandemic is invited. This is to say if the atmosphere on the set is sad. To compensate for the absence and essential support of loved ones, videoconferencing is the easiest way. This is why Jean-Luc Reichmann decides to go the extra mile to encourage his Midday Master. Right now it’s about Wicked. Gradually, the candidate climbs the ranks. Using an impressive general knowledge, he tries to do everything to make his dreams come true. Unfortunately, between him and the public, the current does not always go well.

The drop of water that broke the camel’s back!

Leo’s behavior raises questions. Indeed, some troublemakers find him too arrogant. Also, they do not hesitate to say it on social networks. However, when you are not used to being the light, criticism can hurt. And sometimes, we have more strength to continue to advance serenely in the adventure. To shield himself against this media tsunami, the champion chose to take refuge behind irony. Unfortunately, this does not stop evil spirits. Also, Jean-Luc Reichmann decides to intervene!

In front of the camera, he declares “ it’s not easy tobe a midday master and I know it because we are criticized. And all the Midday Masters have been criticized. I say it well, Eric, before you there was Caroline. And those who don’t like you and who criticize you, I invite them with great pleasure to participate in our show. You are welcome and you will see that it is not that easy. ” Finally, faced with a Leo moved to tears at this beautiful declaration, the host concludes in these terms “So here I allow myself to applaud you Leo, thank you again for being there”

But he does not intend to stop there. In case the message is not clear enough, Jean-Luc Reichmann puts a layer on his account Instagram. “NOTICE to all those who criticize Leo! I invite all those who criticize to come and participate in the 12 blows of noon. I await you with great pleasure, do not stay behind your screens, especially do not hesitate“To all cyber-hearers, hi!

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