Leon shines, Carlos Vela or his shadow

Many went to the stadium to see the performance of Carlos candle, leader and figure of LAFCbut maybe they left more satisfied with what he did Luis Montes. The Chapito led the Leon team in the 2-0 victory over the team of the MLS in the first leg for the round of 16 of the Champions League of the Concacaf.

The Emeralds they leave with a good advantage, to finish the series on the return to be held next Thursday at the Bank of Amérioca de The Angels.

Montes it was the engine of The beast, helping to recover balls and projecting his teammates to the front in search of annotations. The first goal of Lion reached 21 ’through Jean Meneses, the Chilean was long projected by the Chapito, cut to the center, discomforted the whole rear and defined the first post.

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The game was backward, very dynamic, but while the Angels looked even gross in some movements, Leon got tired of failing. At 88 ’, Angel Mena at the service of Montes, again, scored the final 2-0.

Vela’s performance was regular. It was noted that he is the different player, the one from another level, but this time he faced higher level defenses, who know how to stagger and do not give spaces, not the spaces that leave him in the MLS and that have helped him to be a feared scorer.

Not in Leon Carlos Vela He was not the spoiled, he was mistreated, both on the court and in the gallery, where he was buckled and also called “Drunk”On the part of the fans. In the end, the LAFC he gets less goals than he deserved and Leon will surely go to The Angels To sign the work.


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