León, Zamora and Medina accelerate their commonwealth not to return aid

Almost 300,000 euros would be obliged to return to the Board the City Councils of León, Zamora, Soria, Benavente and Medina del Campo if before June 30 the urban associations of general interest in which they are integrated and which they lead are not constituted. It is the second term they receive, after the ordinary time to justify the 2018 grants ended on January 31. Those corresponding to 2019 exceed 312,000 euros, although with this amount they would have another opportunity that would end on January 31, 2021.

This is the line of aid that the Ministry of the Presidency, then directed by José Antonio de Santiago-Juárez, created the last legislature to promote the creation of these groups. Valladolid is added to the five mentioned, the only one that has met the requirement to have been constituted, which allowed it to receive a subsidy in 2018 of 291,881 euros, 164,558 for the capital and the rest to be distributed among the other 22 municipalities that comprise it . It has also already received another 317,000 euros from 2019, of which 179,456 for the city of Pisuerga.

To boost creation
The aid was aimed at promoting the creation of these groupings of municipalities included in the Law on the Planning of the Territory of the Community and which, at the moment, can only be carried out in the surroundings of the large municipalities. To encourage these unions, whose main objective is to share the management of public services, a special call was made for aid that could be used for investments and current expenditure, but with the essential requirement that the commonwealth was created in a certain period, a requirement that only Valladolid has fulfilled, while León, Soria, Zamora, Benavente and Medina del Campo are already within the extension that ends on June 30. If by then their associations are not formally constituted, they must return the 2018 aid to the Regional Administration, both the towns that lead the group and all those that make up the group and that also received the aid

With this scenario, León, Medina del Campo (Valladolid) and Zamora advance these days in the procedures to avoid not meeting the deadline of June 30 and having to reintegrate aid to the regional administration. In the case of the commonwealth of general interest of Medina del Campo, which in principle was made up of 18 municipalities but which has been reduced to 16 by giving up two of them, last Monday some statutes were approved that must now be seen by each town hall before they are definitively accepted. If there are no setbacks, the actual constitution of the group will not be delayed too much and may arrive in time so as not to have to return more than 60,000 euros.

Leon and Soria
The formation of that of León is also progressing, consisting of ten municipalities, which today will attempt to approve the bylaws initially. In this case, the aid granted exceeds 127,000 euros, of which 88,853 euros from the city of Leon. Another 185,937 (96,691 for the capital) were received from the 2019 call. In Zamora they are also on the right track and hope to arrive on time and not have to return 71,155 euros, of which 61 536 are from the Zamora capital. The councils met last week to approve the bylaws that, now, must be approved in their respective plenary sessions so that they can then be referred to the Board.

Worse is Soria, which includes the municipalities of Golmayo and Garray, since it is the one that is most delayed in the process to establish the commonwealth, which would mean that it would be forced to return 51,331 euros. The other two locations, which had been granted just over 3,500 euros for current spending, failed to collect them. Sources from the Soria town hall told ABC that at the moment only work groups have been created to define the services that would be provided from the commonwealth that, in principle, would focus on public transport and waste collection.

Complicated in Benavente
And the situation is especially complicated in Benavente, after on Monday the mayors and councilors of the PP and Cs did not attend the meeting that had to approve the statutes, before their public presentation for final approval by the Board. The absence of the alderman of Villabrázaro member of the Promotion Commission, made it impossible for the meeting to be held. Thus, the mayor of Benaventano, of the PSOE, accused the popular and Citizens of trying to boycott the constitution of the commonwealth and even wanting the City Council to lose the 90,000 euros of subsidy from 2018 and 2019. From the direction of the PP On the other hand, they reject these accusations and insist that each City Council has autonomy to decide whether the grouping of municipalities is positive or not for the interests of its neighbors. In any case, next February 27 will be called back to the assembly to see if then it is possible to move forward with the commonwealth. .

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