Entertainment Leonardo da Vinci, superstar, and other stories.

Leonardo da Vinci, superstar, and other stories.


Catch-up TV. A metaphysical and still mysterious painter as we mark the 500th anniversary of his death. And other moments of history revisited.

Leonard from A to Z

On Arte, honor to Leonardo da Vinci. In a first documentary Frédéric Wilner engages in a rigorous and progressive investigation on a painting "The Virgin in the spindle". Before including it in the list of 14 works attributed to him without dispute. Highly technical studies and exchanges between specialists are key to understanding the genius and some of the secrets of the Tuscan painter who died in France in the 16th century.


Leonard or the modern way de Flore Kosintez and Sandra Paugam, still on Arte, to enter the world of the Italian master. The documentary follows the thread of time of a modern artist in his own way. The latest research shows that Leonardo da Vinci, a genius with multiple interests, reworked his paintings tirelessly, sometimes for years. This documentary explores the creative process of the master of the Renaissance.


Sur France 3, "Secrets of History" presented by Stéphane Bern.

Leonardo both a virtuoso painter and a visionary engineer but also an architect, a botanist, an anatomist, a mathematician and much more.


The History channel (TF1) proposes "Leonardo da Vinci the universal man". Documentary serge Bramly and François Bertrand. Serge Bramly, author of a biography of Leonardo da Vinci retraces the major stages of a life. From Florence to France by François 1st. Where one recalls that one of the first technical exploits of Leonardo will be to put a metallic sphere of more than six tons on the dome of the famous cathedral of Florence

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On the radio

And on the network rcf

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci. Broadcast with Olivier Lexa, Henriette Chardak and Gérard Denizeau.


Algeria, the war of the conscripts.

On France 5, "Algeria, the war of the conscripts". A documentary by Thierry de Lestrade and Sylvie Gilman. Back to a dramatic page of our contemporary history. From 1954 to 1962 nearly 2 million callers were sent to Algeria. Without knowing at first that it was a war. The documentary gives the floor to those men who have long remained silent about what they had actually experienced and who today face the cases of conscience that were theirs.


Back on the Berlin Wall

On Arte, "Berlin or the Art of Escape", directed by Jean Bergeron. Incredible footage shot by a Canadian, Patrice Massenet, based in Berlin, brings stories of East Germans back to the other side of the Wall alive. Eastern citizens are developing incredible plans to move west. The call of the free world, already thirty years ago through archival images and reconstruction.


Robert Migliorini

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