Leonardo DiCaprio congratulates Argentina for releasing jaguars to their natural habitat

Message from Leonardo DiCaprio to Argentina

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Message from Leonardo DiCaprio to Argentina

“After an absence of 70 years, jaguars once again roam freely in the wetlands of Iberá in Argentina”, start the message of Leonardo Dicaprio towards the government of this country.

The actor and environmental activist congratulated through his social networks Argentina for the great ecological work done when returning to their natural habitat to yaguaretés The jaguars, animals in danger of extinction.

This caused Leonardo Dicaprio became a trend, as his fans admired the altruistic work in which the actor is involved.

“Congratulations to the government of Argentina, the National Parks of Argentina, the Province of Corrientes, the Fundación Rewilding Argentina and Tompkins Conservation for their commitment to rebuilding this emblematic species, and the local communities of Iberá and all the people of Corrientes who have supported this unprecedented effort and welcoming the return of the jaguar! I have been supporting Tompkins Conservation, even in their exciting jaguar rebuilding efforts for many years. “, wrote.

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“With the release of the female jaguar Mariua and her two cubs born at the Jaguar Reintroduction Center, Karai and Pora, Argentina has taken an important step to restore this main predator in the Parque Gran Iberá, a protected wild area of ​​1.7 million acres, and to ensure the future of the jaguar in Argentina, where the species is critically endangered with less than 200 remaining “, it reads in the post.

“The return of the jaguar will also help restore the full health of the ecosystem in Iberá as did the return of the wolves to Yellowstone in the United States. Argentina is embracing this important reconstruction strategy as a tool to combat the extinction crisis and moving towards a healthier, wilder and more equitable planet “Leonardo DiCaprio ends.

This action occurs for the first time in the world, since previously no attempt had been made to return this species to its natural habitat and it is another achievement of the Government of Corrientes and the Rewilding Argentina Foundation, who have been working for many years to rescue animals and save your ecosystem.

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