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On Thursday April 8, Mauro Viale the first dose of Sinopharm, the covid vaccine imported from China, was given. On Friday the 9th, although he already felt bad, he went to work anyway. In the morning on Radio Colonia and in the afternoon on A24. On Saturday the 10th his picture worsened. His fever did not go down and to admit him it took “three teams of doctors” and the argument that if he did not go, something serious could happen.

On Sunday the 11th, after an improvement, he decompensated and died between 6 and 7 in the afternoon. On Tuesday, June 8, almost two months after those 4 frantically tragic and painful days for the journalist and his family, Leonor Viale, his lifelong wife, broke the silence in a great report that made him Pia Shaw for the program El Espectador, from CNN Radio.

I’m fine, I discovered myself stronger than I imagined. I try to give my children a lot of strength, to enjoy my grandchildren, and not to cause them to worry. Luckily, Jony was able to overcome the coronavirus, which had been difficult for him. But my boys take care of me. Jony didn’t want me to talk to the doctors when he was hospitalized, he made me that kind of shield so I wouldn’t get sick“he explained first.

“They vaccinated him, but he was not lucky enough to be given the Suptnik, like me. The vaccine devastated him, because in addition to a fever it caused him some cognitive disorder. It was difficult for him to put on his shoes …”

Later, he remembered who his life partner had been for almost 53 years, 50 of which were married. “The best legacies that Mauro left were two. The first was love for the family, that of being a staunch defender of his own, of being a father of parents. And the second was work, where he was also like a father to many. A father and a teacher. I am proud to have been, and will continue to be, the wife of Mauro Viale “, he stated.

Regarding the events that led to the death of the journalist, he recalled that “That Thursday they gave him the vaccine and he had no luck, because he did not get the Suptnik like me. On Friday he felt bad, but he was a soldier from work and it was the same, because he always went. In the channel they already saw him badly and because of the cockroach they yelled at him that he was falling asleep. He came home and was already 39, 39 and a half. ”

“He was admitted to intermediate therapy with oxygen assistance. His lungs were very tired. But he improved, and there they made the mistake of taking him down to the common room and without oxygen. Someone rushed, that’s the complaint I have.”

Then Ivana, our other daughter, came and put cold cloths on her. By Saturday it was not improving and we called the doctors. 3 teams of doctors came who advised hospitalization but he did not want to go. Until a doctor spoke to her very well and said “if she doesn’t come, something very serious could happen” and with that convinced him“, He said.

Then They took him in and since his lungs were very taken up they put him on intermediate therapy with oxygen assistance. And there, although I do not want to seek blame, we do not know who or why made the mistake of taking him down to the common room and leaving him without oxygen. That was a mistake, a rush, because they saw it a little better and they passed it. On Sunday we spoke with him, until 4 in the afternoon we communicated “, followed.

Then there was a short circuit and later they called Jony to go fast. They told him there. He shouted again and told us. We couldn’t believe it. It was so sudden, so fast. But I repeat, for me there was something that happened there. I thought I was leaving it in good hands, and someone rushed to lower it. He made a mistake in that decision and we pay the consequences “, signed.

And he released the hardest part of the entire interview: “He with his life and we with an irreparable loss. I only have that complaint. In addition, the vaccine destroyed him, because he not only had a fever. It even gave him like a cognitive disorder because he couldn’t put on his shoes“.

“I left the apartment that we shared because it was very large and the feeling of absence, the emptiness, affected me a lot. That impacts. I’m still fine, I discovered myself stronger than I imagined. “

Because it was close contact, Leonor had to keep isolation and could not fire Mauro. He will do it on Father’s Day. “We are going to do a tribute on Father’s Day, at the Israelite cemetery. We will do a ceremony together with our children and grandchildren, which will be in charge of the rabbi who married the boys, whose name is Daniel Goldman. For me it will be a stand thrill “, anticipated.

“I am at the forefront now so that my children continue to lead. I have nothing but words of gratitude for Mauro. He made me grow, taught me thousands of things, took me to television and I was the first to do psychoanalysis on TV . It was and will continue to be an engine for us. It costs, but life goes on “, sentenced.

The best legacies that Mauro left are two. Love for family, and his passion for work. In both he was father of father, and teacher of teachers. And as they said to Sarmiento, he is an immortal teacher. I am proud to be and continue to be his wife. “

Now I left the apartment we shared and am living elsewhere, which I will prepare for when I can receive patients. That feeling of absence, of emptiness, made me ill, and it was a very large place. And of course, I will have to do psychoanalysis to get over this “, ended Leonor Viale.

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