Leopard following a swimmer in the lake; Leaping and biting; at last..? Video | Brazil Lake

While swimming in the lake, the leopard chased the young man and bit him. A scary video from Brazil has just been released. The incident took place at Lago da Amore, a popular tourist destination. The young man went for a swim in the lake on October 23 at 4.40 pm.

The lake is full of alligators. Several boards were put up on the spot showing that it was dangerous to go down to the lake. But despite this, he went for a swim. After swimming about 30 meters, a leopard squawked at him. It was then that the young man realized his mistake. His attempt to swim back to shore and escape. But it did not take long for the leopard to reach him. The alligator bit angrily at the young man’s hand. He was dragged into the water by his hand but the young man swam away and escaped. Luckily it reached the shore. The video also shows him holding his hand in pain as he reached the shore. He escaped unhurt.

Watch the video:


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