Leopoldo López arrived in Peru and will be in discussion “Threats to democracy” | Venezuelan exiles | PERU

The Venezuelan political leader Leopoldo López, an opponent of the Nicolás Maduro regime, will participate in the discussion “Threats to democracy” that has been taking place at the Country hotel in San Isidro on the current situation in Venezuela, reported Canal N.

Leopoldo López was able to enter the country after presenting a problem with his visa. “Thanks to popular pressure. To the support of the Peruvian democrats, to all those who believe in freedom and democracy, we were able to enter Peru ”, López posted on Twitter.

On the other hand, Paulina Facchin, Venezuelan activist and persecuted by Nicolás Maduro, gave her testimony in the conversation about how the situation in her country and hers was after showing herself in opposition to the regime in her native land. For this reason, he invited Peruvians to reflect.

“Venezuela is the model not to follow. On June 6 you have to have a vote thinking about the country, about the future, thinking about freedom, about democracy. Hugo Chávez never said that they were going to expropriate us. Nor did he tell me that they were going to kidnap me twice and that they were going to intimidate me at home. My daughter came to know democracy in Peru ”, Facchin explained.

Earlier, Daniel Córdova, president of the Libertad Institute and organizer of the event, asked that Leopoldo López be allowed in after his detention by Migrations.

Daniel Córdova asked that Leopoldo López be allowed in. (Channel N)

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