Leroy Sané in the criticism – that is the real reason for his low

No, because Sané did not understand

Anyone who comes to FC Bayern for a whopping 45 million euros as a top purchase and then only scores three goals in eleven Bundesliga games, works too little backwards and is first substituted in and then replaced in the top game against Leverkusen, has to face sharp criticism . It is an illusion that Leroy Sané in his current form will get a regular place at the record champions this season. The national player is in a very difficult position.

The direct competition on the outside position is currently simply better with Gnabry and Coman. And if even the 17-year-old Musiala plows back more than Sané, that says a lot.

It almost seems as if the ex-Schalke player doesn’t feel like helping on the defensive – and a 24-year-old can’t afford that at a world club like FC Bayern. Even world champion Müller and world footballer Lewandowski always help. If Sané cannot change his attitude towards defense work, he has no chance.

Because FC Bayern can afford to leave a highly talented, expensive professional like Sané on the bench. The squad is wide and the competition is high. The player is under pressure, not the club. And as long as Sané doesn’t understand that, he won’t play a major role in Munich.


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