“Lesbianism” and “atheism”… Sources reveal the two Saudi sisters’ request for asylum in Australia

Opened in Saudi Arabia Exhibition “In the footsteps of the Prophet” Which narrates the migration of the Prophet Muhammad, from Mecca to Medina, with contemporary artwork.

The exhibition was launched, at the end of last month, at the Ithra Museum at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in Dhahran, on the eastern coast of the Kingdom, coinciding with the beginning of the new Hijri year, in the presence of high-level officials and researchers in Islamic art and history, intellectuals and guests from various countries of the world, according to the statement. Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The Ithra Museum, operated by Aramco, opened in 2018. The museum’s exhibitions explore the art, culture, and natural history of the Arabian Peninsula, and host some international art exhibitions.

and say the museum About itself, it is “a time machine that combines modern and contemporary art, Saudi heritage, Islamic art and the natural history of the Arabian Peninsula, as it includes 5 dedicated halls that provide visitors with a unique journey.”

Gallery collects “In the footsteps of the Prophet” Among the latest research on the exact path of migration, and immersive audio-visual exhibits, which allow visitors to experience it for themselves.

Its opening coincides with the beginning of the Hijri year, which “celebrates the reference period in the Islamic calendar, as migration constituted a pivotal historical stage in the history of the Islamic state through which it redefined the social, cultural and economic landscape of the Arabian Peninsula.”

The Director of Ithraa, Abdullah Al-Rashed, explained that it is “not only an exhibition”, but rather it is “an integrated qualitative project presented in a contemporary and exceptional and unprecedented manner, through a mobile global exhibition, which includes a group of antiquities and collectibles, and includes 14 interactive stations carefully designed across It includes a documentary film and a book that tells the story of migration.

The exhibition includes a film about immigration

Idris Trivathan, Curator of Islamic Art and Culture, told “Art Magazine”: “There has never been an exhibition, documentary or film on the subject, and this story is so important to Muslims all over the world.”

“It’s really a foundational story for more than a billion people around the world, so it was surprising to find that nothing like this has been produced before,” he adds.

The exhibition was divided into eight sections, for each of the eight days of the trip, in addition to installations, and immersive audio-visual films.

The exhibition is based on the “extensive research and field work of Abdullah Al-Qadi, one of the world’s leading references in the field of migration” who spent decades studying and traveling the route of the Prophet, Muhammad, and his companions across the desert.

The film’s director, Ovidio Salazar, traveled this route and photographed the landscape in unprecedented detail using drones and infrared cameras.

According to “SPA”, the exhibition will last for 9 months, after which it will move to Riyadh, Jeddah and Medina, and then to a number of cities around the world.

The center has been preparing and designing the exhibition for three years, with the help of more than 70 researchers and artists, “so that an exhibition that competes with international exhibitions and moves away from the framework of traditional presentation methods will be visible.”

“When a lot of people think of Saudi Arabia, they think of sand dunes… Even Muslims when they think of the migration journey, they think of the desert, but actually the migration route is very mountainous and very rocky. It is an incredibly exciting sight, and diverse,” said Trevathan. Unbelievably”.

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