Less success in maths, the French average down compared to last year: here are the results of the CEB tests

85.42% of 6th grade pupils who passed their CEB in June 2022 passed it, i.e. 44,566 children out of 52,173, the general administration of education of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation communicated on Tuesday. This is less than last year, when the pass rate was 88.32%.

The success rate of 85.42% includes all 6th grade pupils who have obtained at least 50% of the points in each of the disciplines, French, mathematics and early learning (history-geography and science). It does not take into account pupils who have not succeeded but could nevertheless obtain their basic studies certificate after appeal or deliberation within the school.

By subject, the average obtained is 74.75% in French, 71.35% in mathematics and 73.04% in awakening. Note that the average French has dropped by 3.39% compared to 2021.

Certify students based on the same exam

The student of 6e primary year who pass the test automatically obtain the CEB and will attend the first common year of secondary education from the start of the school year. In the event of failure or justified absence from all or part of the test, pupils can obtain the CEB on the basis of the results of the last two school years. It is the school which then makes this decision, recalls the Wallonia-Brussels Federation in a press release.

“The main objective of the CEB is to fairly assess and certify students on the basis of the same examination and to certify, at the level of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, that the students have achieved mastery of the skills expected. at the end of the six years of primary education”, says the Ministry.

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