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Less than 100 Carrefour gift vouchers issued at 2 Carrefour locations in Nantou

The Nantou County Government has been offering Modena vaccines at Carrefour’s Nantou and Puli stores in a row today. The top 100 people in the morning and afternoon will be given 100 yuan gift certificates or exquisite gifts. However, the morning “cheer up” is cold, and neither store has exceeded 100 doses. In order to increase the vaccination rate and herd immunity of the people in Nantou County, the County Health Bureau set up Modena vaccination stations at Carrefour Nantou Store and Puli Store on the 6th and 7th, providing the first nationality and foreign nationality who have not been vaccinated over 18 years old. Those who are eligible for the first dose, the first dose of Modena for 4 weeks, the first dose of AZ vaccine for 8 weeks, and the second dose of 5 months for those eligible, will be on call.

Less than a hundred gift vouchers were issued at two Carrefour locations in Nantou in the morning. (Central News Agency)

“It’s great, I don’t need to make an appointment, so I can take the time to get the vaccine.” A busy man named Wu went to the Carrefour Nantou store to get the first dose of the vaccine early in the morning. He said that it is not important to have a gift certificate. It is much more convenient and feels more at ease after the vaccination. In addition, there are employers who accompanied 3 foreign migrant workers to get the vaccine, and these 3 migrant workers are all given the first dose.

Health Director Chen Nansong told the media that Nantou County’s vaccine coverage rate is 74.9% for the first dose and 56.9% for the second dose. In order to achieve the goal of 80% for the first dose and 60% for the second dose as soon as possible, we will cooperate with Carrefour today and tomorrow. All stations will provide Modena vaccines from 10 am to 1 pm, and from 5 pm to 8 pm. No appointment is required. You must bring your health insurance card and vaccination yellow card.

Chen Nansong said that people who are eligible are reminded to seize the opportunity to actively vaccinate, especially when influenza and COVID-19 are active in the autumn and winter seasons, and the flow of overseas returnees is approaching during the Spring Festival. People who have not completed the second dose are invited. Get vaccinated for complete protection.

According to the statistics of the Health Bureau, Carrefour’s Nantou store administers 60 doses in the morning and Puli store administers 33 doses in the morning. It may also be necessary to strengthen publicity when selling popularity in stores. Carrefour’s vaccination period will be tonight and tomorrow, and we will try our best to urge it.

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