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Original title: The early summer breeze blows through the curtain to watch an open-air movie for public welfare

For many young friends, the scene of showing an outdoor movie has never been seen before. In fact, from the 1950s and 1960s to the end of the 1980s, open-air movies have always been one of the most important entertainment activities for ordinary people. A curtain, a projectionist, and neighbors who brought their own benches constitute all the elements of an open-air theater. Let’s get to know Wang Xuexue, a non-profit open-air film projectionist in Changchun.

A resonance traces the youthful memories of generations of Chinese people

Such a scene has become the best memory of Wang Xuexue’s youth. In his teenage years, watching an open-air movie was a very luxurious thing. In the past few years, after being unemployed, Wang learned to buy equipment for the elderly to learn technology, and he insisted on training himself from a young age to a professional outdoor film projectionist. He built a mobile open-air cinema by himself.

The classic line “For victory, fire at me” comes from the movie “Heroes and Daughters”, a war film produced and produced by Changchun Film Studio in 1964. After more than half a century, this light and shadow carrying the memories of the years appeared in the residential area of ​​Changchun, Jilin.

Open-air film charity projectionist Wang Xuexue:Wang Cheng’s heroic image is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Wang Cheng has a classic line “For victory, fire at me”, which is particularly inspiring.

This is the 27th open-air film film that Wang Xuehui entered the community and screened for the public welfare of the residents. At the age of 57 this year, he first became associated with movies in his childhood. In that era when cultural life was scarce, movies were the best memories of his youth for him. Wang Xue said that it was many excellent old movies such as “Tunnel Warfare” and “Heroes” that inspired the growth of their generation.

Wang Xuehui:I was born in the 1960s. At that time, there was almost no television, but radio, which was called radio by ordinary people, was not popular at that time. It was a luxury for us to watch a movie when we were young. Whether those movies promoted national spirit or heroism, I was deeply inspired.

After Wang Xuexue was laid off from the grain depot, he couldn’t adapt to the ordinary life. He volunteered to serve as a community service volunteer in Chaoyang District, Changchun. Once, a resident asked him to watch an outdoor movie.

Wang Xuehui:What movie do you want to see? He said it was the movie we watched outside when we were young, and I said it was an outdoor movie.

reporter:Why are you so happy?

Wang Xuehui:I would also like.

With the help of Wang Xuehui’s daughter who works in the media, Wang Xuehui and a collector of old-fashioned projectors projected open-air film films in the community for the first time. On that day, more than 100 people came to the scene, and Wang Xuehui was particularly pleasantly surprised.

Wang Xuehui:At that time, I was very excited, very excited, not only myself, but others who had the same hobbies as me.

However, the first open-air movie shown by Wang Xuehui did not go well. After playing for only 20 minutes, it was forced to end hastily due to a machine failure.

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Wang Qiuyue, daughter of Wang Xuexue:It took about an hour to fix it. At that time, some residents were waiting, and they had been waiting. The other party was anxiously waiting, Xiu was also anxious, and each other was particularly anxious.

Looking at the audience who refused to leave for a long time, Wang Xuehui made up his mind to set up an open-air cinema.

Wang Xuehui:At that moment, I was ruthless, and I must learn this technique and learn it well.

Hard work pays off, turning a hobby into a profession

Since then, Wang Xuehui has decided to formally enter the industry. After communicating with many collectors, he learned that the film and old-fashioned projectors of early movies have long been discontinued. If you want to open an open-air cinema, you must buy back old-fashioned projectors and films from collectors, and you must also learn repair techniques.

This matter is really not easy for ordinary people. Anyone who knows Wang Xuexue knows that he only watched open-air movies when he was a child and liked them. If he really wants to open an open-air cinema, he really has to work hard. During that period of time, Wang Xuexue spent time in the homes of collectors from dawn to dusk, just to buy old-fashioned projectors and film films.

Seeing his father’s persistence, Wang Xuexue’s son and daughter had no choice but to sponsor most of the purchase funds when his father was in short supply. Since the purchase of the first projector, Wang Xuexue’s home has become his studio.

Wang Xuehui:I finally bought this machine from Jiangxi.

reporter:This is the first one?

Wang Xuehui:The first machine looks new to you now, but it was not like that at that time. When I came here, I couldn’t say it was old, but it was very old, because there was too much dust, and there was rust in some places. If you can’t wipe it off in some places, you have to wipe it with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. It took about a week to take care of it before it turned into what it is today. It looks pretty good to you today. This machine is much older than you. It was made in 1979. I have always liked this machine. This film is the most expensive among my current films. Guess how much it costs?

reporter:This is not a good estimate.

Wang Xuehui:3200 yuan, that 200 yuan, I said buddy, you can go to the 200 yuan, I will give you a whole number. He disagreed with what he said. He said that it would be good if it could be sold to you. I like this very much, and the common people know it. Because this film is very old now, so if it sells one, there will be one less. Some of them are not of good quality, but they have no beginning and no end. How do you release them to the residents? Can’t let go.

In the past few years, he has spent more than 70,000 yuan to buy four projectors and more than 40 film films. In order to increase the audience’s interest in watching movies, he also made a screening list for each community to prevent repeated screenings.

Wang Xuehui:If the movie is repeated, the old man can continue to watch it, and the young man will stop watching it after it has been played. It is to make the playback quality better and better, and attract more people to watch and learn about open-air film movies.

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Compared with equipment investment, Wang Xuehui spends more time and energy. Because he had to learn repair techniques, he successively worshiped five collectors as his teachers.

Wang Xuehui:This time it has been repaired, this time I feel at ease, this time I have a solid foundation in my heart. Otherwise, I can’t let it go, and the masses are waiting there. How can I explain how I finally came? That’s so annoying. This time it was finally fixed. This loudspeaker will be tossed twice for you, and then it will be mailed away after it is finished.

In the process of continuous learning, Wang Xuehui gradually became professional. Now, repairing film has become his specialty.

Wang Xuehui:Once you lead the film, once you block the hand, you will know that this piece is broken, which will affect the film running, and that piece will jump or freeze, or it will be easily broken. Directly glue both sides, after the glue is finished, but this can not cross the vocal cords, the vocal cords are vocal. If it is glued on, the sound will be abnormal, but the picture will not be affected, because it is transparent.

There are 24 frames of images on the film, which are connected in series to produce a one-second movie screen. The corresponding film length is less than 2 centimeters. However, in order to ensure the best viewing effect, Wang Xuehui usually overhauls the entire film that is nearly 200 meters long. A pair of reading glasses and a pair of film guide discs. For the effect of playing outdoor movies every time, Wang Xuehui will overhaul the film at home in advance. He said the audience must not be disappointed.

Inheriting the feelings of light and shadow is tiring and happy

“Love lasts for a long time”, it is not difficult to do one thing, what is rare is the tenacity of the elderly Wang Xuexue to persevere in the face of various difficulties. Now he is a qualified open-air cinema projectionist. In the interview, he proudly told us, “No expert knows as much about old film projection as I do.”

Every time an open-air movie is screened, Wang Xuehui has to put in a lot of sweat. What he has to do is not only the job of a projectionist, it can be said that he is busy with everything alone. But even so, Wang Xuehui has no complaints or regrets. He said that he is “tired and happy”.

Three hours before each official screening, Wang Xuexue will organize his “moving cinema”. Carrying projectors, stereos, curtains and various spare equipment, I drove back and forth between home and the screening venue. Seven or eight boxes weigh several hundred catties. His relatives were infected by his persistence, and everyone took turns to help him carry the equipment in their free time. And at the screening venue, there are always some community workers and die-hard fans who learned earlier than Wang Xue.

Viewing Residents:I helped Master Wang with his work, he couldn’t do it alone, and I was more familiar with this thing, he was old, and it took a little effort to work alone.

Before the movie started, the whole community became lively around Wang Xuehui and the movie projector.

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Viewing Residents:I started watching it when I was in my teens, and I haven’t seen it in fifty years or so.

Viewing Residents:My home is in the countryside, and there was that kind of open-air movie. I remember it was quite unforgettable when I was a child.

Viewing Residents:I haven’t read it for more than forty years, so I feel very comfortable when I say it.

Viewing Residents:When I watch old movies, I think of the past, old songs, classic songs all come to mind.

From the afterglow of the setting sun to the sky full of stars, the early summer breeze blowing through the curtain, the projector shining in the dark, and the classic screen light and shadow reflected on the cheeks of the elderly and children, every time Wang Xuehui saw such scenes, he was very moved.

Wang Xuehui:It is a joy to have everyone together. When I looked up, I saw the picture of the movie, as if I had a dialogue with time and space, as if I had traveled through time. Every time I came to this scene, I felt that all the hard work and dedication were worth it.

One day, a special audience came to the open-air cinema. His name is Fu Mingxin, and he is a technical engineer at the Changying Former Site Museum. He invited Wang Xuehui to visit the place where he works. Fu Mingxin told Wang Xuexue that in 2006, my country began to implement the “Film Archive Digital Restoration Project”. Over the years, Changying has restored nearly a hundred classic films. And these restored films can be provided to the Wang Society for open-air screenings.

Fu Mingxin, Technical Engineer of Changying Former Site Museum:You have to guide the film back and forth, right? Under normal circumstances, we store the film directly in this digital projector, and it can be played with one click.

Wang Xuehui:That’s so convenient.

Fu Mingxin, Technical Engineer of Changying Former Site Museum:Teacher Wang, don’t worry, we will provide you with a mobile digital projector, and I will guide you how to play it with one button. It will be very convenient at that time.

Wang Xuehui:Portable projectors are small, not like mine. It saves me a lot of effort to pull several boxes together, especially as I get older and older.

With the support of new technology and new equipment, Wang Xuexue is more motivated. He said that his “open-air cinema” must have more room for development.

Wang Xuehui:Under such conditions, more screenings can be shown to meet the needs of more residents.

The early summer breeze blows through the curtain, and the projector shines in the dark night. Such a scene is moving.

Different people have found different spiritual worlds and resonances in such experiences. For the elderly, this is a remembrance of a period of time and a feeling; for children, it is a novel experience different from sitting in a movie theater, and it is more about learning, feeling the fighting spirit of the older generation, and inheriting the red Gene’s precious experience; for all community residents, it is a way to promote neighborhood interaction and build a bridge of communication.

Although every movie will end, the memories, experiences and experiences that Wang Xuehui brings to every audience through the open-air cinema will never end.

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