“Let us combine our forces for the general interest”

Here is their platform: “Inequalities, education, health, climate change, food, housing … So many social and environmental challenges, accentuated by the crisis, that we must overcome to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. UN by 193 countries in 2015 as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sustainable Development Goals give us the way forward.

Everyone, more or less in their own corridor, associations, companies, public authorities and citizens, is already mobilized. It’s time to bring down the walls, trust our collective intelligence and join forces. For a truly attainable 2030 agenda, what if we all got down to it? The results of the Urgence-Covid-Citoyens survey are eloquent. 81% of French people say that to get out of the crisis, it is useful to “play collectively” between associations, companies, public authorities, citizens, etc. The French support the “duty of alliance”.

Already in 2015, he told the UN that “multi-stakeholder partnerships will be essential to take advantage of the interconnections between the SDGs”: SDG17 to resolve the 16 others. It is time to abandon competition to adopt cooperation, in the service of the common good! How to develop the alliance of all to meet the challenges of the 21st century? Let’s not be afraid of this paradigm shift. Mistrust between actors who do not know each other is nothing compared to the measured results that flow from the alliance. Members of Parliament from various territories, we see the actors coming together to act. Territorial catalysts, local authorities, associations, companies, academics, citizens, we are working every day to develop a more sustainable food circuit, support for distance learning courses, a place of welcome for people without fixed domicile etc.

The alliance is born out of a desire to respond effectively to a local need with concrete solutions. It is an opportunity for strong democratic stimulation which engages the actors in the response to this need. Concretely, the alliance must become a reflex. For this we must free our capacity to act.

The Occurrence study for Ticket for Change reveals that, when it comes to socio-environmental issues, 94% of French people want to act, 35% have ideas to act, 20% actually act and 6% devote their work to taking action . This desire is also expressed more and more in companies. Employee-citizens want their company, too, to be part of this dynamic of commitment to the service of the common good. So what’s the plan?

Transform: let’s structure the Collective Impact à la Française in order to network needs, players and resources and bring together all the existing mechanisms. Unite: let us bring together the human, material and logistical resources of the territories in order to build projects there as close as possible to the needs that the actors consider to be priorities. Let us support them with a national program of massive investment in the territories for “the transition through Collective Impact” by creating the SDG17 Fund.

Spread out: let’s develop places of exchange and duplicate what works so that everyone can mobilize. Secure: let’s create an alliance law, experimental, non-binding, to secure the general interest alliance process and allow it to innovate. Train: let’s launch an education and initial and continuing training plan in commitment and partnership logic: educating to think differently to do things together differently is a major issue in the transition to a new model The field has been experimenting and succeeding for several years of creating the alliance, the public authorities now have a role of trigger and facilitator to play, so that solutions to the challenges of the SDGs can emerge even more frequently, more sustainably, and everywhere in France.

“The ego of great souls always tends to become collective”, wrote Victor Hugo. Beyond the inclinations for the collective already declared, it is each company, association, local authority, citizen that we will support towards “doing it together”. It is the glue of our social cohesion. We commit ourselves, on our respective territories and in our reconciled “worlds”, to put an end to the law of the strongest alone, to write the law of the most impactful together. “

The petitioners :

Cathy Racon-Bouzon, Member of Parliament for Bouches-du-Rhône

Charles-Benoit Heidsieck, President and founder of Rameau

Co-rapporteurs of the mission “Accelerate strategic alliances in the service of the general interest” launched by Gabriel Attal in October 2019

Saïd Ahamada, Member of the Bouches-du-Rhône

Ramlati Ali, Member of Parliament for Mayotte

Fabrice Alimi, Committed entrepreneur

Patrice Anato, Deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis

Isabelle Aprile, Director of Societal Innovation at Sodexo

Marie-Victoire Abbou, General Delegate of Admical

Radia Bakkouch, President of Coexister

Christophe Baralotto, Pioneer of the Marseille Foundation

Frédéric Bardeau, President and co-founder of Simplon

Elodie Baussand, Partner in charge of human resources and social project at Tenzing Conseil

Luc Bellière, President of Ana Bell Group, Center- Val de Loire

Benjamin Blavier, Co-President of Article 1

Pascal Bois, Member of Parliament for Oise

Nicolas Bontemps, Account manager at Caisse d’Epargne Loire Center

Jane Bouvier, Association l’Ecole au Present, Marseille

Stéphane Buchou, Member of the Vendée

Céline Calvez, Member of Parliament for Hauts-de-Seine

Philippe Chalumeau, Deputy for Indre-et-Loire

Sylvie Charrière, Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis

Christophe Chevalier, CEO of the Archer Group, Start Up de Territoire, Romans-sur-Isère

Laurent Choukroun, Managing Director of Synergie Family, Marseille

Mireille Clapot, Member of Parliament for Drôme

Ericka Cogne, Director General of the Institut Télémaque

Fabienne Colboc, Member of Parliament for Indre-et-Loire

François Cormier-Bouligeon, Member of Parliament for Cher

Matthieu Dardaillon, Co-founder and President of Ticket for Change

Felix de Monts, President of Friday

Jennifer De Temmerman, MP for the North, Co-Chair of the SDG Study Group

Frédérique Decherf, Director of social action AGIRC-ARRCO

Xavier Delattre, consultant

Nicolas Détrie, Co-founder and director of Yes We Camp

Cécile Dublanche, Director of Cities at Le Carré in Orléans

Cécile Dupré la Tour, Partnerships Lab – Territoire Alsace Start Up

Alexandre Fassi, General Secretary of Cap Au Nord Entreprendre, Marseille

Nathalie Gatellier, Youth Impact Program – Apprentices of Auteuil

Léna Geitner, Director of Ronalpia

Caroline Germain, General Delegate of ADASI

Tarik Ghezali, La Fabrique du Nous, Marseille

Fabien Gouttefarde, Member of Parliament for Eure

Samuel Grzybowski, Social entrepreneur, Founder of Coexister

Arnaud Habert, Company manager and administrator of ESS establishments

Nicolas Hamel, Director of Partnerships at Adie

Diane Hassan, Directrice d’Acceler’Actions

Christine Hennion, Deputy for Hauts-de-Seine

Danièle Hérin, Member of Parliament for Aude

Sandrine Josso, Member of Parliament for Loire-Atlantique

Hubert Julien-Laferrière, Deputy for Rhône

Sophie Keller, Partnerships Lab – Start Up of Territoire Alsace

Stéphanie Kerbarh, Member of Parliament for Seine-Maritime

Jacques Krabal, Member of Parliament for Aisne

Aina Kuric, Deputy for Marne

Fabien Lainé, Member of the Landes

Thibault Larose, Executive Director of Convergences

Bettina Laville, President of the Committee21

Fiona Lazaar, Member of Parliament for Val d’Oise

Agathe Leblais, Managing Director of Pro Bono Lab

Cécile Leclair, General Director of Avise Claudine

Leclerc, Director of SocialCOBizz

Marion Lenne, Member of Parliament for Haute-Savoie

Manoelle Lepoutre, Director of Civil Society Engagement, Total Foundation

Alizée Lozac’hmeur, Co-founder of Makesense

Jacques Maire, Deputy for Hauts-de-Seine

Marseille Solutions

Denis Metzger, President of Break Poverty

Wilfried Meynet, Attorney (Alcyacons Council)

Monica Michel, Member of Parliament for Bouches-du-Rhône

Pierre Minodier, President Artyzen and President of the Center for Young Leaders 2018-2020

Benoit Miribel, President of the French Center for Funds and Foundations

Naïma Moutchou, Member of Parliament for Val d’Oise

Fabrice Necas, President of the Marseille Foundation

Carole Orchampt, General Delegate of RNMA – National Network of Associations Houses

Emeric Oudin, President of the Center for Young Leaders

Vincent Perrot, Partnerships Lab – Start Up of Territoire Alsace

Anne-Laurence Petel, Member of Parliament for Bouches-du-Rhône

Bénédicte Pételle, Member of Parliament for Hauts-de-Seine

Michèle Peyron, Member of Parliament for Seine-et-Marne

Brigitte Pisa, President of AG2R LA MONDIALE

Manuel Pomar, Director of Partnerships at Unis Cités

Dominique Potier, Member of Parliament for Meurthe-et-Moselle

Florence Provendier, Member of Parliament for Hauts-de-Seine

Pierre-Alain Raphan, Member of Parliament for Essonne

Aurélie Reder, General Delegate of Metz Mécènes Solidaires

Cécile Rilhac, Member of Parliament for Val d’Oise

Laurianne Rossi, Member of Parliament for the Hauts-de-Seine, Quaestor of the National Assembly

Xavier Roussinet, Associate Director of Terre d’avance

François Rouvier, Social Business Director at Renault

Maina Sage, Member of Parliament for French Polynesia

Nathalie Sarles, Member of Parliament for the Loire

Pierre Siquier, President of France Générosités

Antoine Soive, Center for Young Managers

Bertrand Sorre, Member of Parliament for La Manche

Sira Sylla, Member of Parliament for Seine-Maritime

Aurélien Taché, Member of Parliament for Val d’Oise

Liliana Tanguy, Member of Parliament for Finistère

Yann Tanguy, General Delegate Businesses For the City

Stéphane Testé, Deputy for Seine-Saint-Denis

Sabine Thillaye, Member of Parliament for Indre-et-Loire

Valérie Thomas, Member of Parliament for Puy-de-Dôme

Laurence Tiennot-Herment, President of AFM-Téléthon

Elisabeth Toutut-Picard, Member of Parliament for Haute-Garonne

Nicole Trisse, Member of Parliament for Moselle

Nicolas Truelle, Managing Director of the Apprentis d’Auteuil Foundation

Frédérique Tuffnell, Member of Parliament for Charente-Maritime

Souad Zitouni, Member of the Vaucluse

Jean-Marc Zulesi, Member of Parliament for Bouches-du-Rhône

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