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Drama on “Let’s Dance”: Professional dancer Erich Klann revealed that he had an argument with Victoria Swarovski.

“Let’s Dance” star Erich Klann remembered his time with Austro presenter Victoria Swarovski in the podcast “Dance or not at all”. The two battled for victory on the show in 2016. It was an exhausting time.

“We fought badly”

Once even the tatters flew between Swarovski and Klann. “Another story I had with Victoria was that we had a really bad argument. That was also in the semifinals,” he reveals. The two clashed at the Paso Doble workout in Marabella, Spain. He wanted what exactly happened Do not tell.

“Nerves are very, very thin”

“You don’t know how you can manage to get it all under one roof in terms of time. You somehow want to bring quality and your trainer asks you to do the same – your nerves are really very, very thin,” he explains There was so much pressure: “You want to get the best out of your dance partner.” In the end, the hard work paid off, the two won “Let’s Dance”.

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