Let’s eat life against the Covid: ham pudding

Sometimes the cooking is so simple, so obvious that it is forgotten that it is the essence of the frichti. There is no need for truffles, foie gras, a cooking box, a powdered cooking aid, a jar or a food processor. No, fricasser is first of all touching the ordinary when the stoves enchant it. As in this “ham pudding” recipe from Notebooks of cooks from Burgundy, Bresse and Franche-Comté by Colette Guillemard, a true book of memories, terroirs and generosity in the kitchen.

Place eight slices of sandwich bread in a buttered and garlic-rubbed gratin dish. Cover with 250 grams of thin slices of ham sprinkled with grated Gruyere. Cover with a layer of a layer of buttered sandwich bread slices. Gently pour over a bowl of boiling milk seasoned with salt, pepper and nutmeg, so as to soak the bread. Beat two eggs with a small glass of cream, salt and pepper and cover the soaked bread with this mixture. Sprinkle the surface with grated Gruyère cheese and a few knobs of butter. Let the bread soak for ten minutes and bake for half an hour in a medium oven. We suggest accompanying this dish with a beautiful curly chicory, why not seasoned with a walnut oil vinaigrette.

Notebooks of cooks from Burgundy, Bresse and Franche-Comté de Colette Guillemard, Ed. Berger-Levrault, 1983.

Jacky Durand


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