Let’s eat life against the Covid: welsh it’s good!

Who said : “A good welsh never disappoints you, unlike the PS?”. Julien Poix, LFI candidate for municipal elections in Lille, in Release February 2. It’s true, the welsh is far more serious than the rogatons of politics. Especially in these times of reconfinement when we really need to comfort ourselves with this typical dish of the breweries of the North and the Opal Coast.

British soldiers

Welsh isn’t rocket science – cheese, beer, ham and toast – and yet it makes you invulnerable against the gloom virus. Because it nourishes, the welsh, because it warms, because we even laugh about it when we think of the annoying diets which tell us that it is a caloric abomination. So when you have a big desire, you head for Boulogne-sur-Mer, in Pas-de-Calais, where welsh, a specialty of Wales, would have landed during the First World War in the soldiers’ bowl. British.

The name “welsh rabbit” was originally a way of referring to this dish as a low-quality substitute for rabbit meat. Indeed, in the XVIIe and XVIIIe centuries, the English amused themselves by calling Welsh (welsh) counterfeits, substitutes and other products of inferior quality to the original. The name stuck, sometimes derived from welsh rarebit.

Brown beer

While waiting to be able to type a famous one in Boulogne-sur-Mer, here is the very simple user manual of the welsh taken from the “Great recipes from Hauts-de-France, 64 dishes from our childhood” by Yannick Hornez & Thomas Muselet.

For one person, you will need: 170 g of chester or cheddar cheese; a teaspoon of mustard; dark beer from the North; a slice of country bread; a slice of white ham; an egg ; freshly ground pepper.

In a saucepan, melt the cheese cut into pieces over low heat with a little beer, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon (add the beer as you go). Off the heat, add the mustard and pepper. Mix well. Toast the toast of country bread and dip it in the beer. When the mixture is homogeneous, place the slice of ham on the slice of bread in a ramekin or in a deep plate. Cover with melted cheese. Pass the plate a little under the grill to brown lightly. Take it out of the oven, and place a fried egg on the golden cheese to obtain a “complete” welsh.

Serve the welch very hot accompanied by Worcester Sauce, a few fries, some salad and a good dark beer from the region.

(1) “Great recipes from Hauts-de-France, 64 dishes from our childhood” by Yannick Hornez & Thomas Muselet (ed. La Voix du Nord, 2018, 19.90 euros)

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