Let’s Go Brandon!American “Qian Qiao Biden” popular first physical store opens-International

The first “Let’s Go Brandon” physical store appeared in Massachusetts, USA. (Flip from Facebook page)

2021/12/05 20:41

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report]US President Biden’s approval rating continues to break the bottom, and the “Doubt Biden” movement is emerging across the United States. Whether in bars, ball games, concerts, guests or audiences, they will shout “XX Biden” together. “(F–k Joe Biden), vent his anger. It’s just that the Americans have recently become more popular to use the non-dirty words “Let’s Go Brandon!” to slander Biden. Related merchandises are selling wildly, and the first physical store has appeared.

According to “Fox News”, the first “Let’s Go Brandon” physical store has opened in North Attleboro, Massachusetts. The store sells products printed with “Let’s Go Brandon”, such as Hats, shirts, logos, etc.

According to the Associated Press, the term “Let’s Go Brandon” began in the Xfinity series of the National Sports Car Race (NASCAR, NASCAR) held in Nashville, Alabama on October 2. When the racing driver Brandon Brown won the championship, when an NBC reporter interviewed him, the audience chanted “F–k Joe Biden!” Confused, the reporter said that people were chanting “Let’s Go Brandon! (Let’s Go Brandon!)”

Then the camera turned to the auditorium, but embarrassingly, the camera clearly recorded the audience’s shouting statement that it was “F–k Joe Biden!”

Since then, “Let’s Go Brandon!” has become a new popular slogan against Biden and has spread throughout major sports events. It has largely replaced the vulgar slogan “F–k Joe Biden”. Netizens were even more mind-blowing. Soon various “memes” of “Let’s Go Brandon” appeared, and various related peripheral products were selling wildly.

With the popularity of the new country, many related songs came into being. Among them, the well-known rap singer Bryson Gray ridiculed Biden’sSong of the same nameIn late October, it took the top spot on the iTunes chart and even compared the latest single “Easy On Me” by the British pop queen Adele (Adele).

“Let’s Go Brandon” became a new national curse for Americans to vent their dissatisfaction with President Biden. (Reuters)

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