Let’s live hidden: should we be wary of Chinese smartphones?

But then what about the Chinese applications that we download on our mobile phones: WeChat, the Chinese Whatsapp, or TikTok, which both exceed one and a half billion subscribers in the world?

Honestly, for our children, TikTok is not healthy

“For me, the existence of TikTok is a risk. Honestly, for our children, TikTok is not healthy. I am wary of these social networks which are found in the most intimate lives of our teenagers, in their bedroom at night… These networks are an open door to espionage. And a risk.”

Faced with this potential siphoning of our personal data from our smartphones, Axel Legay, cybersecurity specialist, invites us to be cautious at all times: “I don’t know, you have a photo of you naked, with a cold sore on your stomach, you wanted to photograph that to show it to your doctor, you left it on your phone. The photo may very well meet in China.”

“I took this example on purpose so as not to take a sexual example. Know that some corporate bosses will find you nuts that you take a picture of this part of your body and leave it on your phone. What if they know that, they won’t hire you.”

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