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Letter from a single mother: “I starve earlier than the coronavirus”


Hello, I am a single mother and my profession is a waitress. Before confinement, he had been working in a bar-restaurant for months. The first step of the government was to remove the Fallas and that’s when I was fired.

My surprise is when I get to speak with the Sepe (Public State Employment Service) and he informs me that I have no subsidy or help for a single mother, only the one that he received when he combined it with another job, of 200 euros a month. What do I do with 200 euros a month?

I cannot look for work, my son is two years old and needs my attention, my parents are high risk people and they cannot be with him. As I have been working in a place frequented by tourists, facing the public, and my son lives with me, I think that if I have something, he will also have it.

Where are those aids? What do I have to do to be able to live quietly in confinement? Do I feed my son and I don’t eat? I have seen all kinds of help but nobody talks about us single mothers.

I have not hurt anyone, I have not put people’s lives and the economy in a balance, I have not been the one that has not had empathy, indeed, from minute one I did, because for me there is no value of people according to their age, no life is worth more than another, I would even dare to say that older people are the ones who have the least blame and those who are least protected thanks to your bad decisions, Pedro Sánchez.

I wonder what it feels like to decide who dies and who lives just thinking about the economy. A lot could have been avoided, and yet, President, you have decided to cross your arms while your objectives were accomplished, such as the great 8M demonstration that you allowed to take place, remember? You decided to look the other way to react later, and that is not right, because you have played with the lives of many people. From there it does not return, and you know it.

I believe that if something has become clear to me about this situation, it is that I died of hunger before I died of the coronavirus. It is sad, but very true.

Tired of so much injustice and surviving this situation as I can, because it is what I have left, to survive, I say goodbye. A greeting.

* Ana María Avellaneda Donoso, single mother, unemployed waitress.

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