Letter from the owner of an SME: “Where are the aids that promise so much for companies and ERTEs?”

I run a small family business in Valladolid dedicated to the sale of leather and fur garments. My father opened this small business 45 years ago. Some years were better than others and we have always paid quarters and taxes on time. We have had up to 12 employees, now we are only two.

Six years ago, my father had a stroke and was left in a wheelchair after being hospitalized for six months and another five months in a paying place, since at home we had to have everything adapted for his return. At the moment he is in a nursing home and only receives a grant of 71 euros from the Junta de Castilla y León. I wonder if it is just after working all his life.

The fact is that since 2014 I have been taking care of him and the business, previously as a freelance, paying and paying and paying to have a decent future.

With this of the Covid and the state of alarm, first of all I want to offer my condolences to those who have lost family or friends during this pandemic. Then I wonder if within the current government they truly feel that there is something of humanity in every person who makes decisions. Where is the reality of people who have died alone without being able to have the affection of their loved ones nearby? How far does their thinking go when they say that there are fewer and fewer deaths? Where is a doctor or a nurse who is leaving their skin and life running out of sanitary material to carry out their work?

And, in addition to all this, where are the aids that promise so much for companies and ERTEs? Gentlemen of the Government, of whatever party, do you know what you are doing to this country? I want to think that they only step onto the street from their car to Parliament. Our country is supported by small and medium business taxes, without this there are no possibilities. An entrepreneur employs people when there is money movement, then the worker, the electricity worker, the supplier, etc. win. If this does not work, which is the simplest, that whoever catches us confessed …

* David Molinero lives in Valladolid.

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