Lexus entertainment from the platform platform ‘From home, we are still with you’

Recently launched by Lexus, the ‘From home, we’re still with you ‘platform offers content that entertains, informs, and helps to make the mandatory confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic more bearable.

It consists of different sections with categorized content and is available on the Lexus Spain website. This platform offers current content, family entertainment and various topics related to the history, pillars and values ​​of the brand.

Now, this platform is updated with news developed to entertain adults, and especially the little ones.

To make origami
One of the tests that Japanese Lexus master craftsmen do is perform origami with their non-dominant hand in less than 90 seconds. At the Miyata plant are exposed the origami made by the current Takumi, who work to perfect their vehicles.

The secret is that the folding must be done with one hand, which should not be the dominant one, and the task must be completed in less than ninety seconds.

Lexus seamstresses are selected for their prowess and meticulous attention to detail. Only a few applicants qualify. In fact, only twelve people from the Miyata plant in Kyushu, Japan do this particular job. Team members undergo a systematic ten-step program at the sewing dojo. This term is often applied to a martial arts training room; At Lexus, this is a special facility to discover and hone talent.

Through the following link [AQUÍ] You can access the application that Lexus has designed so that you can make the same origami that the Takumi masters themselves must face.

To color
The ‘From home, we’re still with you’ platform incorporates a section with several drawings to color the entire Lexus hybrid range. These drawings are designed so that they can be printed and colored; In this way, more entertainment can be offered to the little ones.

It will be possible to color from the CT 200h, the compact five-door hybrid equipped with the brand’s renowned hybrid technology, to the impressive premium coupe, the spectacular LC 500h, through the entire range. Of course, drawings of the wide SUV range offered by Lexus are also included. [AQUÍ]

Since its recent launch, the entertainment platform has already been offering other content such as:

RELAXING SOUNDS: Enjoy, with the help of the brand’s ambassador, the conductor and composer Inma Shara, classical music and the path to excellence.

TAKUMI, THE DOCUMENTARY: A fascinating documentary reveals the world of the Takumi, the highest level of Japanese artisans. In Japan, it takes about 60,000 hours to reach the highest level of craftsmanship.

The platform can be accessed in its entirety [AQUÍ]. .

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