LG develops a tiny camera for smartphones

(MENAFN– Al-Bayan)

The South Korean electronics company, LG, intends to launch a new micro-camera for use in smartphones during the San Francisco International Electronics and Home Appliances Show.

G Company said. Innotech, a subsidiary of LG, which specializes in the manufacture of electronic components, said that the new micro-camera combines the capabilities of optical zoom (zoom) found in DSLR cameras with a thinner design.

CNET.com, which specializes in technology topics, stated that cameras equipped with the “optical zoom” feature in smart phones are not new, but the new camera that LG is developing offers something different that allows zooming in to enlarge the subject of the image by ranging from
4x and 9x without the need to return to any digital zoom to determine the required zoom value between the two values, as is the case in fixed zoom cameras in smartphones today.

Digital zoom technologies use software, not lenses, to enlarge images, which can result in a significant decrease in image quality.

At the same time, combining several options for optical zoom in one camera, as is the case in the expected LG camera, will help reduce camera space inside smartphones and increase battery efficiency, according to the South Korean company.

At the same time, LG reduced the thickness of the new camera unit in order to get rid of the bump that is presently present in smartphones in place of the cameras.


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