LG releases 4K video projector with integrated AirPlay 2 and HomeKit

Since this is an option offered by Apple, it has become common to find AirPlay 2 accounting and sometimes even HomeKit in new connected TVs. This remains rarer on video projectors, which makes the LG HU810P particularly interesting. This high-end 4K laser model integrates these two functions, which provides the same comfort as a connected television, but with an installation worthy of a cinema.

Connected to the local network and to the Internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, this video projector contains the same functions as LG televisions. It also runs on webOS 5.0, the operating system managed by LG for its televisions (the manufacturer also unveiled webOS 6.0 during CES). If you have an iPhone, iPad or Mac, you will be able to stream content directly to the screen or the wall thanks to AirPlay 2. The HomeKit integration can be used to automatically turn the device on and off, which can be linked to connected lighting for example.

Originally announced last summer, the release of this new video projector was made official at CES 2021. We thus have a price and a release date, at least for the United States where it will be marketed at 3 $ 000 starting Monday, January 18. The launch is supposed to be global, but the product is not listed on the French site of LG and it cannot be found for the moment at the usual resellers.


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