LG Rollable: LG’s rollable smartphone with uncertain future

Appeared for the first time in the summer of 2020, the Rollable, LG’s roll-up smartphone concept, may not see the light of day. Internally called Project B, it seems to have been put on hold, with no certainty of continuity.

According to the South Korean media Yonhap News, LG would have asked BOE, its main supplier of screens, to stop the production of the screen used for the roll-up smartphone. This measure would also apply to the other suppliers involved in the project. What strongly question the release of the smartphone in the near future. This abandonment would occur when LG presented the mobile to us at the beginning of the year at CES in Las Vegas. The roll-up phone was then scheduled for release in March 2021.

The LG Rollable is part of the LG Explorer Project, a series of smartphones adopting a new form factor and whose first iteration is none other than the Lg wing marketed in the United States at the end of 2020. Pausing or even abandoning the rollable mobile phone would undermine the rest of the South Korean brand’s project. If the reasons are not officially known, it is easy to link them to the problems facing LG’s mobile division. Restructuring, abandonment of the market or even costly development, these are the reasons which could lead to the abandonment of this large-scale project. A sad fate reminiscent of another rollable product, the LG65RX television.

LG technology at the service of Apple

However, LG couldn’t completely help but study a next-gen display. Indeed, the manufacturer would be a partner of choice for Apple. According to noise from the hallway, the American firm was working on a foldable iPhone and it is none other than LG which would be responsible for developing a panel for a prototype. An association that could only be valid for internal versions and stop once Apple goes to the production phase. Remember, since the switch from iPhone to Oled, it is Samsung which is responsible for supplying the panels to Tim Cook’s company. LG has however made its arrival on the 2020 lineup by taking care of the screen of theiPhone 12.

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