LGU+, Executive Recruitment in 2022… Advancement of New Business Manpower

LG Uplus (CEO Hwang Hyeon-sik) held a board meeting on the afternoon of the 24th and announced that it had carried out executive reshuffle in 2022, including two promoted to managing director and seven newly appointed executives.

This year’s executive personnel appointments focused on laying the groundwork for sustainable growth by strengthening competitiveness in new business areas, the future growth engine, and solidifying the internality of existing businesses.

In particular, it focused on actively hiring talented people who can lead innovation and change.

The new appointment of Senior Vice President Lee Sang-jin, who was hired as an expert from outside, stands out.

Lee Sang-jin, managing director, joined LG U+ last year after working through CJ ENM and HYBE. Lee Sang-jin, managing director of the company, explained that he expects to help LG U+ enhance its content-related capabilities, which are essential for strengthening its competitiveness in the platform business, by utilizing the capabilities that have been successfully carried out in various content-related businesses.

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LG U+ said, “The ultimate goal is to create a virtuous cycle structure that enables sustainable growth by providing differentiated values ​​by putting customers first in order to leap forward as a digital innovation company that leads pleasant changes in customers’ daily lives,” said LG U+. said.

He added, “More than anything else, we wanted to appoint talented people who can make a difference by putting our customers first.”

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