Li Huiling is exhausted physically and mentally at the end of the month, “I want to become a journalist” plans to switch to the text platform | Apple Daily

[Report from this newspaper]White terror is permeating, media and reporters have been arrested one after another. The network station D100 where several hosts were arrested has lost another important member. Veteran media person Li Huiling suddenly announced “Farewell” and resigned as D100 host in her D100 program “Doing the Big Picture” yesterday. She explained that she had to say goodbye to rest due to her physical and mental difficulties in hosting Phone-in programs. However, she emphasized that she had regarded the media as a lifelong position, and would go with Hong Kong people and would not immigrate. She might move to a text platform in the future.

Li Huiling, a veteran media person who has worked for Ming Pao, Apple Daily, and Business Channel, was rudely terminated by Business Channel in the “Feng Mi” incident in February 2014. In 2016, she joined the network station D100 to host the predecessor of the program “Doing the Big Picture” “Freedom in Storm PHONE” has been to this day.

Li Huiling announced at the beginning of the program yesterday that “I want to say goodbye to everyone”, saying that she had resigned from D100 and left her job at the end of the month. She emphasized that she will not immigrate, and will continue to travel with Hong Kong people, nor will she retire. She regards the media as a lifelong position. “I want to become a journalist and hope that I will become a journalist.” She may move to a text platform in the future. , “Hopefully, there will be a position that will force me not to leave.”

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Feeling that friends in the political circle have lost their freedom

She explained that the main reason for leaving was due to health problems. In recent years, she has poor physical condition, severe insomnia, vocal cord problems and leg cramps, etc. She cannot cope with the Phone-in current affairs program for more than two and a half hours a day. I…I should really be quiet, stop and rest for a while, and then watch the situation.”

She also lamented that she has been in the industry for more than 30 years, has hosted Phone-in programs for 17 years, and wrote columns in different newspapers, “I have burned out (excessive fatigue) a few years ago”, so she has stopped writing columns and has hosted programs in recent years. I have the same feeling, “Frankly speaking, at the end of the business platform, at the time, everyone had thought that they would leave after 10 years and become a literary worker, but there was always a sudden thing that happened, not enough for 10 years, business platform Just ban my microphone”.

Looking back on the past, Li Huiling said that her friends in the political circle have lost their freedom one after another, which made her most sad. “I was in a program room by myself, and she lost her freedom, and she was very sad.” She also pointed out that Chen Zhiquan, Tan Dezhi, Jess and other D100 show hosts “all used this platform to speak freely, loyal to their beliefs, and speak my heart…but they all lost their freedom.” She continued that she would not need to read the “N hours” newspaper in the future, but could read more books and visit friends in custody, and hope to go to the court for a hearing.

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Li Huiling told this newspaper that it is difficult to change the regime’s mindset by hosting Phone-in programs. She just continues to host with the mentality of accompanying the people of Hong Kong. She admitted that she was still considering resigning yesterday morning, such as reducing the number of presiding hours and inviting other presiding officers to share. She said that she will take a good rest at the moment. If she can’t open the microphone in the future, she will still consider speaking through YouTube or Patreon. She also pointed out that if it is unnecessary, she has no plans to immigrate. “Stanley (prison) and Chek Lap Kok (airport) choose The stem system picks Chek Lap Kok, if there is one, pick it.”


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