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Reporter Huang Xufeng / Comprehensive Report

Actress Li Qianna has made her debut for many years, and she has performed well in the music and drama circles. Recently, due to the severe new crown pneumonia epidemic in Taiwan, she will share her epidemic prevention routine on social media from time to time, in addition to adding new furniture to her home In addition, she continued to exercise her figure, and separated from her son and daughter, she also shared an interesting story about her daughter on the 9th, which caused heated discussions.

▲Li Qianna often shares daily life on social media, attracting a large number of netizens to follow. (Picture/Retrieved from Facebook//n_a_n_a_l_e_e)

The South Korean boy group BTS BTS recently cooperated with McDonald’s to launch the “BTS package”. It was launched in the United States and other countries in May. Taiwan was launched on the 9th. The package contains 10 pieces of Mike’s chicken nuggets and potatoes. Bars and beverages, the special feature is that they will be accompanied by two special sauces, and the original packaging will be replaced by purple and BTS paper bags and lunch boxes. It only went on sale for a day and set off a wave of buying.

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▲BTS, BTS, back number.  (Photo courtesy of Universal Music)

▲McDonald’s cooperated with BTS to launch a limited set of “THE BTS MEAL”. (Photo/provided by the industry, Universal Music)

Among them, Li Qianna also posted on Instagram to reveal that he posted a screenshot of a suspected daughter taking advantage of the McDonald’s BTS package to buy a meal and eat it. Unexpectedly, after eating the meal, all the packaging, including the drink cup, The paper bags, lunch boxes, etc. are all washed and organized, and all are clamped on clothespins to dry, ready to be stored.

▲Li Qianna’s daughter eats McDonald’s BTS set meal! She was shocked when she saw the

▲Li Qianna will share her daughter’s current situation on social media from time to time. (Picture/Retrieved from Facebook//n_a_n_a_l_e_e)

After sharing the “Professional Collection Method for My Girl”, Li Qianna couldn’t help but call out “Daughter, I feel how much you love BTS”, and his speech admiring her daughter’s behavior aroused heated discussion.

▲Li Qianna’s daughter eats McDonald’s BTS set meal! She was shocked when she saw the

▲Li Qianna revealed how his daughter stored the BTS set meal box. (Picture/Retrieved from Facebook//n_a_n_a_l_e_e)

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