Li Yuchun sings “Heroes” to pay tribute to the martyrs, heroes and perseverance, performing the spirit of the times

Original title: Li Yuchun sings “Heroes” to pay tribute to the martyrs and heroes with sonorous perseverance and interpretation of the spirit of the times

On July 1, a large-scale epic of theatrical performance to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China-“The Great Journey” was broadcast on CCTV. The positive energy stars gathered in this performance. In the chapter of “Unstoppable Rain or Rain”, Li Yuchun appeared in the image of a female volunteer army to resist U.S. Aid Korea and sang the red golden song “Anthem of Heroes” to pay tribute to the heroes and martyrs with sonorous and powerful singing.

After a hundred years of great journey, we will move forward and set off again. This “Great Journey” theatrical performance is divided into 7 chapters, namely, grand ceremony, sailing, marching forward in flames, rain or shine, rapid progress, splendid future, and navigation. Singer Li Yuchun incarnates the “Female Volunteer Army to Resist U.S. Aid Korea” in the second chapter “Unstoppable”. The braid and the volunteer uniform are heroic and heroic. Amidst the deafening sound of cannons, he sings “Surrounded by the green hills and listen carefully.” “Leaving one’s life and forgetting death to preserve peace”, the emotional performance and state not only restore the history, but also restore the ardent beliefs of the martyrs during that period. This empathetic “Anthem of Heroes” has a majestic lyrics and a majestic tune. It vividly interprets the spirit of international communism of the volunteer soldiers to resist the US and aid Korea and defend their homeland. During Li Yuchun’s performance, with the ups and downs of the singing, his eyes were firm and clear. Whether it is saluting or standing, he pays tribute to the prosperous years of the people’s heroes with sincere longing.

After the performance, netizens praised Li Yuchun’s clean and loud singing, and the braid style also received unanimous praise. Li Yuchun also said that he would not forget the past and forge ahead into the future, and wish the motherland better.Return to Sohu to see more


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